Great Review Activity – Graffiti Wall

 So you know the sound.. when you say its time to review for a quiz/test and all of the kids groan and mumble…  Not a good sound.  This is just one activity I do every now and then to get rid of those awful sounds.  I’ve heard it called a few other things but I like to call it a Graffiti Wall.  

 Basically I have a large pile of dry erase markers out.  I give the kids the review topic we’re covering.  (In the pictures I told them Geometry and Problem Solving – those were the two topics we were reviewing).  I have them think of ANY word they can that associates with those topics.  They could think of shapes, vocabulary terms, key words, etc.  I call them up 3 at a time.  They get to choose their own color and they write their word on the board.  Here’s the fun part.  They get to write it HOWEVER they want!  

They can write up and down, in big letters, small letters, dot letters, bubble letters, in a circle, etc.     You name it – they can do it!  And they LOVE it!  All of the different colors and fonts really make the board come to life!  It looks so great!  🙂 Also, they are not allowed to repeat any word that someone else has put up.  That a way we get a variety of words and everyone has to be paying attention!

After the Graffiti board is complete – I pair up the students and tell them everyone has to choose 5 words from the board to tell their partner about.  Then the other partner has to choose 5 NEW words to tell their partner about.  They love it!  Then to take it a step further – I keep the Graffiti up until the next day and right before the test to do a quick review I erase one word at a time and we go over it.  The kids love it – they get to be creative – they learn – and we have fun.  What more could we ask for!?


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