One of my favorite projects!

One of my favorite things to do in reading is independent projects.  One, because I love seeing the students being able to work on their own and teach themselves.  It’s very rewarding.  Also because the students love it!  One of my favorite independent projects is called the U-Pick Project.  It can be used for fiction or nonfiction, but I tend to use it more for nonfiction as that’s where most of my kids need more help.  We completed our second one of the year last week so I thought I’d share it with everyone.

Basically – the students get to pick their own book.  The students think this is absolutely amazing.  I make sure of course, that the book is on their level.  Then I pass out the project.  The project is the same for everyone.  It includes a cover sheet where they record their name, title of book, and level of book:

Then it includes a learning contract where students must take a pledge and record each day what they accomplished in the project.

Then the next page is a task sheet that explains all of the steps of the project.  This sheet changes every time we do the project based on what tasks I want them to complete.

Then the last 3-4 pages are their project.  Basically the project is a variety of graphic organizers.  Here are some examples:

Like I said, the project can change every time and can be adapted for low learners or high learners.  It’s really a great project!  So I decided to make one and post it on my TPT store!  The kids love it and I hope you do too!

You can find it here!  Have a great Sunday afternoon 🙂


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