End of the Day Routine

So as WE all know – the end of the day can either be a chaotic time or it can be a structured time IF the right routine is set in place.  I’ve been playing around with what to do with the last 15 minutes of the day as the students are asked to do their classroom jobs, get their materials from their desk, and get their book bags and coats…  So this is what I came up with!

Our school releases at 2:45 – so at 2:30 I write 4 math problems on the board.  One addition, 1 subtraction, 1 multiplication, and 1 division.  Dry erase boards and markers are given out and the students are asked to complete all 4 problems.  They bring them up to me to check.  If they are correct – they may erase their board – put it away – and begin their end of the day routine.  If they have one wrong – I point out which problem, and they try again!  If time runs out – their name gets put on a post it note for some one on one time the next day over the problems (I squeeze them in during recess or a passing period – whenever I can find a minute!)  This routine has worked out amazingly!!  It not only uses the last 15 minutes for an academic purpose – but it has kept the students busy and quiet during this possibly ‘hectic’ time.  The students work hard on their problems so they can get to their routine to go home.  The room is quiet and students are working at their own pace.  PLUS – we’re getting daily computation practice!!  I couldn’t be happier with my decision and I think the students like it as well 🙂  I think its definitely making a difference!!

I hope everyone’s having an amazing week! 🙂


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