Classroom Pictures

So I’m finally done setting up my classroom.  I had to move again this year – no biggie!!  But that does give me another opportunity to change some things that I’ve been wanting to do in the room.  Hope you like!!
View from the door

Another view from the door

My personal Lakeshore store.  AKA:  Games, centers, etc.  

My center bulletin board.  We do centers a lot at our school so this is my way of keeping all of the groups organized.  The dots are velcro dots that the students’ names will go on once they’re grouped.  (That way I can easily change what group they are in too).  The circles are what color group they’re in and the numbers next to the circles are for what center they go to.  May seem confusing – but I promise – I works!

Entryway table.  Turn in trays, exit ticket area, highlighters, etc.   
Book bag hook area.  On top is the lovely watercolor artwork my friend Chris made for me.  Like it?  Let me know and I’ll send you his website where you can order one!

Sink area and closet

Front corner of the room.  Dictionaries, paper, objectives/standards board and Allen’s bed.  

Supply center and my rocking chair

My desk

Small group table.  It’s dry erase 🙂

Back bulletin boards

Computer area

In front of the computers.  The large grey cart is for our tablets and then of course the blue mailboxes.  

Reading Library

Author area.  

Book series area


Books organized by genre

Books on bottom are organized by genre

Another view

View of room

Another view

Math bulletin board.  Pocket chart is for vocabulary.  Colored pockets are for differentiated journal prompts and the hanging plastic covers are for the example journal pages I’ll be making and hanging up for the students to reference.  

Each students have their own hanging file folder filled with papers for them to do when they’re done.  Each folder will be individualized on standards the students need extra help with.  

This is my center organization area.  The centers that I’m using for the week are in the tubs that the students grab and take to the designated area when its time for centers.  They sell these on Really Good Stuff but my husband made me this one 🙂

View from the back

Hope you enjoyed the tour!!


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