Catching Up! (Freebies, Photos, and More!)

Repeat after me.. HOLY MOLEY!  I’m so sorry I’ve been MIA lately.  Keeping up with two almost crawling twins is just crazy!!  Can you believe they are 9 months now!?  Take a look!


I seriously am so in love <3!  Anyways, I want to get everyone caught up to what I’ve been up to in the classroom lately.  Unlike blogging, I have not been slacking off in there.  We are definitely in a good rhythm and getting a lot done and I’m so proud of their progress.  We have checked a lot of things off of our very long 3rd grade checklist.  We are currently on our 3rd week of Context Clues.  The kids are finally starting to understand how important this skill is.  We still have some room to improve, but we’re getting there!  I made a simple Context Clues anchor chart to help them identify the different tips they can use when trying to use Context Clues.
It’s nothing fancy, but it definitely helps the kids remember all of those little tid-bits like looking for signal words, looking for synonyms and antonyms, etc.  I took this picture before I added cute swirls and curls to all of the empty white space.  You can download the anchor chart for FREE on TPT by clicking on the picture below! 🙂
Another fun activity we did a few weeks ago helped us with learning our types of sentences!
We used basic tissue boxes and placed library pockets on each side and labeled them with the 4 types of sentences.


Then I wrote different sentences on index cards and put them inside the box.


Then students in different groups sorted the cards and placed them in the appropriate pockets.  They had a blast!  It was such a fun and easy activity to review this skill.  If you want a free copy of the index cards I made, just click HERE.  (They should come up via drop box).
You can also grab the exit ticket for this lesson from TPT for free by clicking the picture above.  There are 3 different exit tickets for differentiation.  🙂
Next on my list:  My comprehension roll and answer games.  I have a vocabulary version of this game you can read about HERE.  The kids loved it so much I thought I’d make a reading comprehension version of the game.  🙂
The students roll a dice in the middle and then answer the question from that section of the tray.


To make it a bit more challenging, I added follow up questions for each section to the recording sheet.  If you want to download copies of the pieces to make you’re own, just click HERE.  (Via Dropbox)
See?!?  I’ve been busy!!  I hope you will enjoy the three freebies and can find some use for them in your room!  If you do,  let me know how they go!!
Here’s what else I’ve been up to…
If you like my Sentence Shuffle game, then you’ll LOVE my resource rumble game!  Have students practice identifying which resource or reference to use by playing this fun, out of your seat, whole class activity!  My students love it when we play a 4 corner game and they keep asking which others I’m going to make!  Check it out by clicking the link above.
We’ve also been learning about rounding, so I’ve made a few rounding games to help my little ones out.
Since fall is in the air, I thought we could use a little apple inspiration!  Here are picture of my kids playing this last week:



We also playing a fun Robot themed rounding game (but I forgot my camera that day…) 🙁
Here are some other new products to check out!  Hope you like them!
Students practice expanded, standard, and word form in more advanced ways!
Fun syllable games with fall themed words
These are ADORABLE mini books that help students practice using a Table of Contents, Index, and Glossary
Ok – enough pictures and products..  I’m all caught up now!  I hope you could find something you like tonight!  Have a great week!

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