Making the Most of your Blooms Posters!

Super excited to be doing another Bright Ideas Linky!  This one will be short and sweet but oh so fun!  How many of you out there have those silly (but useful) Blooms Taxonomy posters?  Oh, they are cute to boot – flowers, oranges, lots of adorable clipart with those powerful verbs we use everyday.  So what do you do, hang it up and hope you remember to glance at it while teaching?  Try this…
Make your poster into a magnetic dart board!  I couldn’t find my darts to put them in the pictures but I’m assuming you all know what darts are yes?  😉
It was super easy and quick to make and I can take it and use it anywhere with me in the classroom.  And.. my amazing husband even designed a way for it to hang on the wall for me.  Now, I don’t know the names of those tool pieces (girly girl here!)  I think its some wire, an eyebolt? and a few nuts.  Ha!  Very industrial!!  Take a look at the pics to see how we put it together.

And obviously this can be done with any kind of poster – not just Blooms Taxonomy ones.  So basically what I’ve done with it, as we’re in guided reading or whole group – the students take the dart and throw it.  Where it lands is where either I get the verb and ask a question or they use the verbs to generate a question.  There are so many other ways you can incorporate this ‘bright idea’ into your routine.  I hope you like it!!  Make sure to check out the other bright ideas below!



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