It’s that time of year again!!  No..  not Christmas.  No.. not Back to School.  EVEN BETTER!  It’s SHARK WEEK!  And for the third year in a row an amazing team of bloggers are coming together to provide you with some enticing shark week freebies! (Note – some of the freebies may only be free for a limited amount of time!)
Shark week is such an energy packed week on TV we won’t be able to compete with their hype – but we’re gonna try!  So what do I have in store for YOU!?  Take a bite out of this!
I’m currently working on some very engaging phonics intervention games and activities!  I thought you might like to try them all out at once!  So today I give you:
In this packet you’ll find two engaging and ready to print games as well as a Bossy “AR” passage for fluency and comprehension practice!
 The phonics vowel spin & color games are perfect for centers, small group intervention, or whole group partner time!  Everything is ready to print and no prep!  Students use the spinner with a paper clip and compete with their partner to fill up a specific number of squares in their grid by identifying words that match where their spinner landed.  Your kids will LOVE these games and will be begging for more!!

Next in your freebie is my (SOON TO COME) phonics mazes.  They are set to be up on June 30th, maybe sooner, so if you <3 them stay tuned!  These are great for quick early finishers, centers, etc.  They go quick, but it’s easy to put an activity with the mazes such as writing sentences using the words being colored, or draw
a picture of each word colored.  Your students will love these as well!

Finally, in your freebie is a shark themed read, highlight & sort passage.  These passages were designed for 2nd/3rd grade students who need longer more rigorous passages but still need to

focus on phonics!  Students read the passage and highlight the specific phonics content – in this case the AR sound.  Then the students sort the words in a way they seem fits.  The second page of the passage is to help extend the questioning and comprehension of the passage with a bit of creative writing!


If you LOVE these freebies and want to see the REAL DEALS, make sure to check them out!
Remember – the phonics mazes are soon to come!
Want MORE shark week freebies – Check out the next stop in the hop! Just click the shark below to keep on reading!


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