November Read Alouds Your Class Will Love

One of the best parts about teaching is getting to read out loud to students!  The look on students’ faces when the plot thickens, the relationships they build with characters..  It all brings joy to teachers everywhere.  November is a fantastic month to share unique and meaningful read alouds to students.  I have gathered six of my FAVORITE November read alouds that your class will LOVE!  Come dive in with me and find one (or two!) new favorites for yourself as well!

November Read Alouds


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Thanksgiving Read Alouds:

Balloons Over Broadway is an adorable Thanksgiving story that takes students back to the beginning of the traditional Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  We read and learn about Tony Sarg, the inventor of the helium filled balloons that make the parade a unique and traditional event every Thanksgiving and how the parade first came to be.

Thanksgiving in the Woods is the PERFECT book to read to your students and discuss Thanksgiving traditions.  The story is about a large family who gathers every Thanksgiving with many of their extended family and friends to a Thanksgiving feast in the woods.  They work together to cook, decorate, and suit up for the cold weather, all to enjoy a huge feast, fun, and celebration together.  Students will absolutely relate to this beautifully illustrated read aloud in many unique ways!  Definitely a must read for every classroom!

Election Day Read Alouds:

Monster Needs Your Vote is an absolutely adorable and funny read aloud that even primary students can listen to and understand about how and why voting is an important and fundamental human right.  Follow Monster and the narrator (a little boy) along their journey of trying to explain the voting and election process.  Monster wants to vote, but he’s not yet 18.  So he decides to run for a position and finds out that there’s so much that goes into a campaign.  Simple language, broken down ideas, and beautiful illustrations help truly make this read perfect for any elementary class!
Today on Election Day takes you on a journey with many different elementary age students and their families on Election Day.  Follow characters to the voting polls, helping family members run for office, voting for the first time and so much more!  This amazing read aloud truly helps break down the entire process that goes into such a monumental day for our country.  It also helps students bring out different perspectives and connections that they might have experienced with their families on Election Day!

Veteran’s Day Read Alouds:

The poppy flower has forever been the symbol of honoring and remembering veterans from our country.  But do you know why?  The Poppy Lady is a beautifully written story that tells about Moina Belle Michael, a school teacher from the World War 1 era who was saddened when her students, friends, and family were sent out to fight.  She felt like she needed to do something to help share her appreciation with for these brave men.  She established the red poppy as the official symbol of remembrance for all veterans.  The Poppy Lady is beautifully written and illustrated and students can see how one small effort can make a big difference!
Grandad Bud is the perfect story for our current generation to help learn about Veteran’s Day.  In the story, we follow a young school age boy who’s great grandfather has been invited into the classroom to speak to them about Veteran’s Day.  The young boy is unsure of what to expect on his grandfather’s visit.  He ponders about what the true meaning of Veteran’s Day is and soon, along side his entire class, finds out.
I hope this helped you find a new November read aloud!  If you’d like to save this post for later, feel free to pin the image below!  Happy November!
November Read Alouds

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