End of Year Activities

You did it!  You made it through another amazing year of teaching!  I know you’re looking forward to summer break and you deserve it!  For now, you’re trying to hang on with everything you can to get through the last few weeks or days until that final bell.  I’m here to help!  I have tons of end of year activities for you to check out so you can enjoy the time you have left with your students!

End of Year Activities

Summer Themed Craftivity

I know at this point, you have so much on your to-do list!  You’re organizing, packing, maybe even trying to move classrooms – and sometimes you just need your students to be busy and engaged for a while so you can get some things done!  I get it!  This colorful summer themed craft is just what you need to keep your students busy AND get them talking about excited about summer  (if End of Year Activitythey aren’t already!).

This end of year activity is really easy to prep and super fun to make!  When you download the activity, you will find that it comes with a question page.  This you will want to display where all students can see or give each student a copy.  You can have the students pick and choose which pieces of the craft they would like to put into their ‘summer bucket’.  Have multiple copies (on white paper) of each piece in the front of the room and let students choose which they would like!  Then using the questioning guide, students will match the pieces they’ve chosen to the questions and answer them on their pieces!

It’s the perfect activity for the last week as it combines coloring, writing, and SUMMER!  Parents love seeing these come home and if you do them early enough, you can even display them as a final bulletin board in your classroom!

Let’s check out these other end of year activities!

End of Year BINGO

If your students are anything like mine, they have the wiggles, and BAD at the time of year!  They need to move and move often!  That’s why this End of Year BINGO game is perfect!  It allows students to spend time reminiscing about all of the amazing times you and your class had together!

End of Year Activities BINGOYou’ll find questions on the BINGO game such as:  ‘Find someone who remembers their favorite story the teacher read to them’.  Or ‘Find someone who remembers an important lesson your teacher taught you this year.’  The questions are a perfect way to think back and laugh at your time you spent together!

As students walk around finding friends, encourage them to talk and discuss the memories rather than just moving on.  Even though it’s a BINGO game, it’s not a race!  Offer winners to everyone to gets a BINGO and maybe 2 or 3 BINGO’s!  The more questions asked, the better!

Here are some more end of year activities for you to check out!

End of Year Emoji Writing

With the end of the year comes a ton of emotion!  We’re happy about summer but sad about leaving our friends and teachers.  I bet throughout the past year, you and your students shared even more emotions!  Was there a moment when you all laughed so hard you were crying?  Or maybe there was an unfortunate time when the teacher was disappointed in the class for behavior?  So many ups and down happen in one spaceEnd of Year Activities throughout the year – let’s take some time to remember, reflect, and write about those memories – with emojis!

This end of year emoji writing is super easy to prep AND it can be used as a game too!  The activity includes lots of emoji cards.  You will have the cards printed and in a pile with the students sitting on the floor in a circle around the pile of cards.  One at a time, have the students pull an emoji card from the pile and show it to the class.  Using that emoji, they must share a memory they have from the year that matches that emoji!  This game allows you all to truly talk and remember all of the amazing times you had together!

When you’re done with the game (or you can skip the game altogether) and you’re ready to write, have each student choose one emoji that they feel represents their year.  You have tons of options of writing paper included in the resource so have options printed and ready for your students.  Once chosen, they are to write about the memories they have of the class that match the emoji they have chosen.  You’ll love reading what they write and they can remember some really hilarious things that you probably have forgotten all about!

Let’s keep going on these awesome end of year activities!

End of Year 4 Corner Game

This is probably my absolutely favorite end of year activities around!  I typically save this game for the second to last day or the last day if I need to.  It’s perfect because this game requires no prep and no paper!  You simply display the End of Year Activitiesscreen and you’re good to go!

Here’s how you play End of the Year 4 Corners!  Once you have the technology set up and displayed, you will ask your students the question on the screen.  The questions are all summer related!  There are four choices.  Students will move to the corner of the room that matches the choice they want to pick.  Once there, they can talk with the other students in their corner about their answer.  Call on students to have them explain and give more detail to their answer and then continue onto the next question!

What’s even better about this game?  It’s editable!  So you have the ability to edit certain questions and answer choices to make the game work for you!  It’s so much fun and it’s a great way to spend some quality time moving around and reminiscing with your students.

End of Year Awards

My final idea for you is one that is truly unique and memorable for all students.  I was tired of giving the same old candy bar awards out to students.  I wanted to do something different and give them something they would remember.  So I created these adorable End of Year Bookmark Awards!  There are over 30 awards to choose from!  Teachers simply print out each bookmark and write in the information.  Laminate for durability and hole punch at the top.  You can End of Year Activitiesfind these adorable tassels for cheap on Amazon for your finishing touch!

Then I pair each award with a book that I know the students will love and hand them out as my End of Year Gift on the last day of school!  I had so many parents reach out to me saying how much they loved the gift and award.  It was something they would cherish for a long time.  Best idea ever!  If you’re looking for a fun last day of school autograph activity, come read about using beach balls to have students sign for each other!  So many end of year activities, so little time!

So with the end of the year here, I hope you found some awesome end of year activities to help get you through into summer.  And when summer finally arrives, ENJOY!

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End of Year Activities


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