Mentor Texts: Text Structure

One of the best ways to show students skills and strategies in action is to use a strong mentor text!  This is a text that is a strong piece of literature that can be analyzed and used for a variety of reasons.  Both students and teachers can use the text to teach and learn a variety of skills and identify examples of those skills in action!  If you type in ‘mentor texts’ in Google, you’ll find a ton of ideas, especially for fiction, but nonfiction – not so much!  I want to make sure teachers have a strong list of both fiction & nonfiction mentor texts to use when teaching.  Today, let’s take a look at a list of mentor texts, specifically picked out to help teach Nonfiction Text Structures!  Let’s take a look!

Mentor Texts Text Structure

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Text Structure is one of the most important nonfiction concepts to teach!  It truly can be the lightbulb for many students who just don’t understand how nonfiction is written!  It helps to relate and bring together the facts, the organization, the purpose, and so much more about a single text!  I have some great Text Structure Tips and Tricks for you if you need any!

Mentor Texts for Descriptive Text Structure

Mentor Texts Text StructureThe Fantastic Elastic Brain is a great story that truly shows what descriptive text looks like!  Plus it is the perfect read to help teach your students about the brain and growth mindset!

Mentor Texts Text StructureSo you Want to Be President helps show students what being president is all about!  It describes the unique job qualities of a president and everything that their job entails.


Mentor Texts Text StructureThe Pumpkin Book is a great book to pull out when you’re talking about ‘how to’ descriptive text!  This book describes the growth cycle of a pumpkin as well as how to plan your own!


Mentor Texts Text StructureNational Parks of the USA is a beautifully illustrated book that describes each of the national parks across the United States of America!  This is a great book to show your students true descriptive language!

Mentor Texts Text StructureI’m Trying to Love Spiders is an adorable book that describes spiders in a whole new light!  If you hate spiders (like me!) then this book just might change your mind!

Mentor Texts for Cause & Effect Text Structure

Mentor Texts Text StructureAliens from Earth is a great book to showcase real life examples of cause and effect in our world today!  This book describes the effects of what happens when species from around the world invade other ecosystems!  Use this in your science time of the day to enhance your experience!

Mentor Texts Text StructureShaking Things Up is a great way to merge tons of different concepts all in one:  poetry, biographies, and cause and effect text structure!  Use this amazing mentor text to showcase how amazing women can truly affect the world in the most positive of ways!

Mentor Texts Text StructureOne Grain Of Rice is a unique folktale that helps students see cause and effect in not just a nonfiction text!  This is such an adorable tale that overlaps many unique concepts:  folktales, math, and text structure!  Come and read all about Rani and her clever plan to win back rice from the selfish Rajah!

Mentor Texts Text StructureWhat if you Had an Animal Tail is truly a hilarious book that children enjoy!  A perfect cause and effect mentor text shows students what might happen if humans had the different tails of animals from around the world.

Mentor Texts for Compare & Contrast Text Structure

Mentor Texts Text StructureAaron & Alexander is a fantastic story about Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton, both from the Revolutionary War, and how they constantly found themselves in conflict with one another.  The story goes into detail about each character which gives students a chance to compare and contrast two influential men!

Mentor Texts Text StructurePoles Apart is an adorable picture book (fiction) that showcases some important facts about the north and south poles for students to compare and contrast throughout the story!


Mentor Texts Text StructureNow & Ben is a beautifully illustrated book that showcases the many inventions of the ever famous, Ben Franklin!  Students can compare and contrast his inventions & compare and contrast life in the past to life today!

Mentor Texts Text StructureLincoln & Kennedy is a great nonfiction mentor text all about the lives of Abraham Lincoln and J.F. Kennedy!  They were alike in so many ways, which is what makes them both so great!  This is the perfect book to introduce students to the text structure of compare and contrast!

Mentor Texts for Sequencing Text Structure

Mentor Texts Text StructureA Raindrop’s Journey is a great book for spring and also to help teach students about the water cycle!  Students understand sequencing text structure through this beautiful story about the journey a raindrop takes!

Mentor Texts Text StructurePop! The invention of Bubble Gum is an adorable story that teaches students all about the history of gum!  Did you know that gum had been around since back in ancient Greece!?  Come and read all about how gum changed throughout history in this perfect mentor text for sequencing text structure!

Mentor Texts Text StructureHow to Read a Story is an absolutely adorable story where a little boy who teaches the reader exactly how to read a story, from beginning to end!  This is a great story for reader’s workshop as well as understanding the sequencing text structure!

Mentor Texts Text StructureWoosh! is the cutest story all about the history of the super soaker water toys!  Who doesn’t love squirting their friends with the water toys!?  This story is the perfect example of sequencing text structure, showcasing the history and true story about this fun invention!

Mentor Texts for Problem & Solution Text Structure

Mentor Texts Text StructureA Place for Butterflies is a lovely story for children that shows readers why butterfly habitats are quickly becoming scarce and what students can do in their own neighborhoods to help them!


Mentor Texts Text StructureThe Boy who Harnessed the Wind is a wonderful story about how one person changed a huge problem into something great!  When a huge drought destroyed William’s village, he decided to take matters into his hands and research windmills!  This text is absolutely perfect for teaching problem and solution text structure!


Mentor Texts Text StructureThe Right Word is a unique story about how one young and shy boy turned his problem of being shy into a wonderful creation that we, today, now call the thesaurus!



Mentor Texts Text Structure10 Things I Can do to Help My World is a great book for younger readers that shows simple problems that our world has and how even children can turn a problem into a solution!


I hope you found a new mentor text (or two) for you!  All of these titles are truly unique and can help bring the concept of text structure to light for students!  If you want to save these titles, just pin the image below!


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