Growth Mindset Books for Kids

At the end of the year, teachers want just one thing – for the students they have had that year to come out a little wiser, and more kind and open to the world around them.  Teachers know that we teach the students, not the standards.  This includes teaching children to have empathy, to work through hard situations, and to believe in themselves.  One way you can help with this is to focus on instilling a growth mindset in your students.  How?  The easiest way is to use picture books!  I’ve gathered 10 of my favorite Growth Mindset books for kids to help you get started!

Growth Mindset Books for Kids

Growth Mindset Books for Kids

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Growth Mindset Book #1:  Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace is a beautifully illustrated book about a young girl who dreams of being a ballerina.  She decides to audition for the lead role in the school play even though her classmates think she can’t do it.  Through learning to believe in herself, she lands the role and surprises everyone!

Growth Mindset Books for KidsGrowth Mindset Book #2:  The Most Magnificent Thing

This adorable read aloud focuses on a young girl who is determined to design and create ‘the most magnificent thing’.  She tried, and tries, and TRIES but cannot create what she is seeing in her mind.  Even though she fails countless times, she pushes through her frustration and finally succeeds!

Growth Mindset Books for KidsGrowth Mindset Book #3:  Rosie Revere, Engineer

This book is a must have for every elementary classroom!  The main character, Rosie Revere, loves to create new things from odds and ends that she finds.  However, she is afraid of failing.  After a visit from a beloved family member, she learns that failure is a welcomed piece of the creative process!

Growth Mindset Books for KidsGrowth Mindset Book #4:  Everyone Can Learn to Ride a Bicycle

As kids, there are many times in our lives that we use our growth mindset – when we learn to crawl, walk, talk, and run.  But those things are hard to remember.  One of the earliest memories we typically have of using a growth mindset is when we learn to ride a bicycle.  This read aloud is highly relatable to all students and shows that this is something that they have had in them since they were little!

Growth Mindset Books for KidsGrowth Mindset Book #5:  After the Fall

Failing is scary.  Sometimes is harder to get back up and try again after we fail.  This picture book is a sequel from the classic nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty.  Ever wonder what happened to Humpy after he fell?  Come find out and learn how he, too, used his growth mindset to continue his journey!

Growth Mindset Books for KidsGrowth Mindset Book #6:  The Girl Who Never Makes Mistakes

We always say ‘No one is perfect’, but in this book – someone actually is!  Come and meet Beatrice, the girl who never makes a mistake!  Everyone loves her and she is praised for being oh so perfect.  Until one day…  This book really helps open students’ eyes about the fact that everyone makes mistakes, each and every day!

Growth Mindset Books for KidsGrowth Mindset Book #7:  Flight School 

A book that has a penguin as the main character?  Sign me up!  A growth mindset book with penguins?  Even better!  This adorable book shows a young penguin who is determine to defy nature and learn how to fly!  His determination, creativity, and help from his friends make it happen!

Growth Mindset Books for KidsGrowth Mindset Book #8:  Splash

Ever wonder how hard work and talent plays into your growth mindset?  It does a lot!  This adorable picture book shows a brother and sister who are both determined to learn how to swim.  One is a natural swimmer and the other isn’t.  But who comes out on top in a swimming race?  Come read to see who!

Growth Mindset Books for KidsGrowth Mindset Book #9:  Thanks for the Feedback

Many times, students are unsure how to react when given feedback.  Compliments, constructive feedback, and questions can sometimes confuse students and even be a trigger for anger and shutting down.  Help teach and show students that feedback is a part of the growth process.  We need to stay open to learning and growing at all times!

Growth Mindset Books for KidsGrowth Mindset Book #10:  Anything is Possible

An odd pair, Wolf and Sheep, work together in this adorable picture book to make a flying machine!  They fail and fail time after time but never give up.  Their team work and work ethic are very obvious and this very easy to read story.  Perfect for very early elementary ages – it’s a need for every classroom!

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Growth Mindset Books for Kids



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