Task Card Organization

Task cards are a great way to give students individualized instruction.  They are easy to prep and quick to find!  You can also get a lot of data out of them to use for your small group instruction!  And if you’re like me, and you have a TON of task cards – getting them organized can be a hassle.  I’ve come up with 6 super easy ways to help organize and store your task cards!

Task Card Organization

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Task Card Organization Idea #1:  Binder Rings

Binder rings are one of my favorite ways to organize task cards.  It does take some extra time to hole punch every set of task cards you have.  However, once done – the organization and displays of Task Card Organizationtask cards you can make are amazing!  You can have an entire wall of task cards hanging and ready for students to use and when you need to switch them out, all you do is pull a set down and put a new set up!

Binder rings are cheap and easy to find and can even fit into most storage containers if you need to pack the task cards away.  This is definitely my number one recommendation for task card organization.

Task Card Organization Idea #2:  Plastic Bags

Yes, I know.  Ground breaking.  But if you’re in a hurry and need something cheap, quick, and reliable – plastic bags to the rescue!  The great thing Task Card Organizationabout using plastic bags is that students already know how to use them.  And if they break, they are easily replaceable!  They are small, too, which means you can store them in the bags and in other containers as well.

I also love plastic bags because you don’t have to get all ‘fancy’ when you’re labeling your task cards.  You can simply have the cover task card printed and in the front so you and your students can quickly see which bag has which set.  OR if you do want to label the bags, a thick black sharpie marker does the trick!

Task Card Organization Idea #3:  Accordion Pouches

I.  Love.  These!  I use them for so many things around my house and when I saw that they fit my task cards, I just couldn’t resist!  Accordion pouches are perfect for holding multiple sets of task cards at once.  You can’t fill every slot, because it gets too thick and won’t close – but Task Card Organizationthat’s okay!  I put about 3-4 sets into one pouch and I’m done!

Another great thing about these pouches is that you can easily organize your task cards by ‘type’.  So if you know you’re teaching Main Idea, Summarizing, Inferences, and Fact and Opinion in quarter one, then you can put those four task card sets into an accordion pouch for students to use throughout the quarter!  And they are easily labeled with a black sharpie too!

Task Card Organization Idea #4:  Photo Containers

I bet by know, you’ve seen these amazing (and beautiful) photo containers.  They were not designed for task cards, but they might as wellshould of been, because it works like a charm!  I have three different sets and this is what I use to keep my task cards in while they are not being used by my students.

Task Card Organization

Each full Photo Container has 16 individual photo boxes, which holds quarter page size task cards perfectly.  And they are see through, which means you can put the title card on the inside and know exactly which box has which set.  Or you can tape the label on the outside too!  SO many options!

Task Card Organization Idea #5:  Sterilite CD Container

This container is wonderful because it holds a LOT of sets of task cards at one time.  You can binder clip your task cards together and throw them in the container and be done!  Or, like pictured, you can cut out dividers for your task cards and even label them to keep them super Task Card Organizationorganized!  You can find these containers at your local Wal-Mart or Target or even here on Amazon.

I love using this container because of the amount of task cards I can have in ONE container.  I don’t have to worry about multiple bags, or losing smaller pieces of my organization system.  It’s just one box.  So this might be an option for you!

Task Card Organization Idea #6:  Closet Shoe Container

I know I said I had a favorite, but I might have lied.  This is another awesome favorite of mine for organizing task cards.  You can find Task Card Organizationcloset shoe containers anywhere, but I especially love this smaller organizer from Amazon!

It holds 12 sets of task cards and is smaller so it doesn’t take up the whole door!  And you don’t have to hang it on a door, it can hang on the back of a bookshelf or anywhere you can put those two small hooks!




I hope you found some new and useful ways to organize your task cards!  So many options and so little time, right!?  If you want to save this post for later, just pin the image below!

Task Card Organization


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