Teacher Supplies Every Classroom Teacher Needs!

One of the best and worst parts of the job is purchasing everything you need to make your classroom run smoothly.  What’s great about it is, everything you purchase has a purpose and fills a need.  What’s not so great about it is the fact that teachers are the ones (typically) responsible for purchasing everything.  But that’s a whole other story to discuss later!  Finding just the right teacher supplies can help a classroom function properly.

There are some resources that I believe should be in every classroom!  Come check out these awesome classroom teacher supplies and see what you need to snag for your classroom!

(This post contains Amazon affiliate links.  This means that Amazon sends me a little pocket change, at no cost to you, if you purchase through on of these links.  This helps keep my site running and funds giveaways for you!)

Favorite Teacher Supplies:

#1 – Electric Hole Punch:  I love having one of these on deck for when I forget to copy pages at the copy machine and put in the setting to hole punch for me.  The electric ones work SO much easier and I don’t have to strain my hands trying to push through all of the pages!  I never thought I needed one until I got one!

teacher supplies #2 – Personal Laminator:  The worst feeling in the world is heading down to the school laminator and finding that there is either no lamination left, or that someone has clogged the machine and it’s unable to be used.  Ugh!  So don’t worry about either of those anymore and just snag your own machine!  You can take it home or keep it at school.  You’ll find that laminating becomes much more quick and fun when you have your own!  Plus grab these awesome laminating sheets to go with it!

#3 – Stapler Remover!  Super simple (and cheap) grab, but every teacher needs a FEW of these in their desk drawer!  Stapler removers come in hand all.  the.  time!  But if you’re like me, you’ll lose them easily, so make sure to always have a few on hand 😉

#4 – Yes, we know teachers need tape.  But I think every teacher needs this dual tape dispenser!  It dispenses not only regular tape teacher suppliesbut also packing tape!  I can’t tell you how many times needing packing tape came up when I was fixing books, fixing art projects or folders for students, etc.  And this dispenser made it so I wasn’t digging in my closet to FIND the packing tape!

#5 – A paper cutter!!  Yes, your school probably has one that you can use, but having one of your own is SO nice!  There were also times when I made copies but forgot to use the large paper cutter when in the teacher’s lounge.  So knowing I had one of my own made cutting out task cards, foldables, etc much easier – and I didn’t have to waste time walking all the way back to the teacher’s lounge!

teacher supplies #6 – One touch stapler:  Teachers staple a lot of things.  Make sure to get a stapler that isn’t going to break if you try to staple more than 5 pages together.  I’ve been there, thinking I had a ‘good’ stapler and they always failed on me.  This is the best stapler I’ve found and it’s SO easy to use!

#7 – Your own document camera!  Now days, most classrooms are equipped with document cameras that come from the school/district.  But in case you find yourself in a classroom without one – you MUST get this!  I honestly wouldn’t know how to teach without one!

#8 – A GOOD pencil sharpener!  Stop buying cheap ones!  If you want to invest in your students, then buy a strong pencil sharpener teacher suppliesthat’s going to work and that’s going to last!  I absolutely LOVE this one and have had it for years (sharpen the pieces after each year).  I highly recommend it!

#9 – A wireless mouse!  Believe it or not, having a wireless mouse can be a huge game changer!  I loved being able to carry mine around and still be able to show my presentations, websites, etc. without being tied to my desk or having a student do it for me!

teacher supplies #10 – Chart paper!  This is something that I buy for myself probably every month!  I can’t live without chart paper in my classroom!  This is my favorite kind because it’s sticky and I can slap the charts up anywhere in the classroom!

#11 – Anchor chart markers!  You can’t make a good anchor chart with puny markers, can you!?  Nope!  These are my FAVORITE markers to use when making charts for the classroom!

#12 – Desktop white board!  This was a small group game changer when I bought it.  I always used regular dry erase boards at my small group table, but having this one where students could see what I was writing, I had more room, and it stood up on it’s own – was awesome!  Definitely grab it!

#13 – Class set of scissors!  Do it!  Invest in GOOD scissors for your kids and a place to keep them!  This will help your students when their teacher suppliesbreak, they come to school without them, or they lose them!  Every classroom teacher must have a set!

#14 – Class set of clipboards!  Yes.  You do need these.  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  You will use these all of the time and you won’t know what you’d do without them.  Trust me!

teacher supplies #15 – Storage tubs – These are my absolute favorite storage tubs! They are clear, which means I can see what I have in them.  They have enough space for a good size label, AND they hold use for years!  Perfect for manipulatives, papers, file folders, and more!

Hopefully this list of teacher supplies was helpful!  You can find all of these materials too on my Amazon Storefront under “Teacher Essentials”!  If you want to save this post for later, make sure to pin the image below!

teacher supplies for the classroom


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