Reading Intervention Sneak Peak: 10 Minute Interventions

Ok, let’s face it.  Even if teachers had 2+ more hours in the day, they still wouldn’t get everything done they need/want to.  The day is packed with lessons, activities, stories, centers, small groups, crafts, related arts, and tons of smiles!  So what happens to that schedule when students start to fall behind?  How can teachers squeeze in even MORE time to meet one on one or with small groups for reading intervention?  I created a resource called ’10 Minute Reading Interventions’ that I think can help solve this problem for many teachers!  Let’s take a sneak peek inside and see what this resource is all about!

Reading Interventions for Students

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Sneak Peek into the 10 Minute Reading Intervention Resource

Engaging Activities:

Reading Interventions for Students If a student needs an intervention, that means they have done all they can, but are still struggling.  This means the interventions you choose need to be unique and approach the skill in a different way.  The pages in the 10 Minute Reading Intervention resource are all very engaging and showcase the skills included in a new light to help students think differently about the skill.

The activities are all very hands-on and get students to interact with the page and activity.  Everything from color coding, emojis, to matching activities are included!

I get a lot of questions about ‘what grade level is this resource for?’ and to be honest, it really depends on your student’s ability rather than a specific grade level.  I design my resources for grades 2nd – 4th.  I can see a second, third, and fourth-grade teacher utilizing this resource in a classroom.

Scaffolded Pages:

When designing this resource, I wanted to help teachers by putting a resource in their hands that was quick.  A resource that was to the Reading Interventions for Studentspoint.  And supported the skills and standards that students might need an intervention for.  But, like all skills, there are varying levels of understanding & a wide variety of approaches you can take to mastery.  So one of the biggest aspects of this resource is the varying levels I incorporated into the pages.

The resource itself includes 12 different reading skills (making inferences, text structure, cause & effect, etc)  Each skill included has 10 different pages for the teacher to choose from.  Page #1 is the most basic level of understanding when discussing the skill.  Page #10 is the most advanced (out of the 10).  So why is this important?

For each student that needs an intervention, you can easily match where they are in the spectrum from page #1 to page #10 to know where to start.  Maybe student ‘A’ doesn’t need to start on page #1.  Instead, we can use past data and conversations with the student to figure out that in fact, student ‘A’ needs to start on page #4.  And because the student is starting on page #4, the teacher now has 6 different and completely scaffolded activities to try with the student to get them to mastery of the skill.  After the student has reached page #10, the next step would be to have the student apply the skill to a grade-level text and practice.

If you need helping to figure out WHERE a student needs to start, make sure to read about the process I use to break down interventions for students.

The 10 pages per skill provide multiple opportunities for practice & allows teachers to match students to a specific spot in each skill that the student needs.  And allows many students to benefit from the resource, just not the lowest level of students.

Step by Step Lesson Plans:

Reading Interventions for Students Another great feature of this resource is the lesson plans.  Due to the nature of our classrooms, it may now always be the teacher who is doing the interventions.  We may have push in help from a resource teacher, an instructional assistant, or even a parent volunteer.  I can’t tell you how many times I had someone push into my classroom and I WISH I had something prepped for them to use with a specific student whom I knew needed an intervention.

Because of that, I included a 1/2 page lesson plan for every single intervention activity included in the 10 Minute Reading Intervention resource.  These lesson plans have step by step instructions.   They include very strategic questions to ask before, during, and after the activity to foster a deeper level of understanding regardless of how basic the activity is.  (Answer keys are also included in the resource)

Dry Erase Activities:

Another feature I LOVE about the 10 Minute Reading Interventions resource is that you can easily make all of the activity reusable by placing them into plastic sleeve protectors and use thin dry erase markers!  I love this aspect because it not only helps cut down on copying, but also allows me to quickly move from doing an activity one on one with a student to another.

Easy Storage:

Like almost every teacher, I’m a sucker for amazing storage hacks.  So when I saw these Iris Shallow Containers on Amazon, I knew they’d be perfect for the 10 Minute Reading Interventions!  They are great because I can slap the label on them (labels included for the Iris containers) and place them in my closet or even out on a bookshelf for easy access Reading Interventions for Studentsby me and any push-in services that might be using the interventions as well!  They are extremely sturdy and fit everything inside, including the dry erase markers and erasers!

If you’re not into containers or need something a little less expensive, 3-ring binders always work wonders too!  You can easily snag a large 3-ring binder with tabs and use the tabs to divide each of the 12 skills.  Open the binder, find the tab you need and bam – you’ve got your options ready to go!


Organizational Record-Keeping Pages:

Reading Interventions for Students With 25+ students and multiple interventions and options in the 10 Minute Reading Intervention resource, it might get a bit confusing remembering who has done which intervention.  That’s why I included the record-keeping pages!  This helps you remember, as well as communicate to others, about which student has done which intervention within a given skill.  For example, you have student ‘A’ who has done pages #4, 5, and 6 for Making Inferences.  Student ‘B’ who has done #1 and 2, etc.

The part I love about this the most is that if you have a push in, you can easily say ‘Grab the Making Inferences Intervention tub and continue with student ‘A’.  They can grab the tub, open the container and SEE where you left off!

So as you can see, the 10 Minute Reading Intervention resource is definitely something I feel every teacher needs to have!  It’s practical, specific, rigorous, savvy!  If you have any other questions about the resource, please feel free to shoot me an email through my ‘contact me‘ page!  I’m happy to help!

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Reading Interventions for Students




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