Ignite Your Readers: A Behind the Scenes Look!

I couldn’t be more excited to invite you and thousands of other educators for Ignite Your Readers! It’s about time we as teachers take back our time, energy, and sanity. No more wasted time spent scrolling and looking for the perfect comprehension passage or reading center for your students. Now, everything you need to fill in holes is coming directly to you! Ignite Your Readers is a monthly subscription service where each month, subscribers receive over 50 pages of resources. These materials are meant to support any reading curriculum, are research-based, and will enhance your instruction and overall success in the classroom. Each component you will receive was well thought out and purposefully made for Ignite Your Readers. You won’t be able to find it anywhere else! Let’s take a deep dive into just what you’ll be receiving when you sign up!

Ignite Your Readers

Ignite Your Readers is a monthly subscription service for teachers to help fill in cracks and have engaging and purposeful materials at hand for when YOU need them. Inside the subscription, you’ll find six different components. The six components will repeat each month but will change based on the focus of the month.  So what are the 6 components?

Differentiated Comprehension Passages

Ignite Your Readers Having proper and engaging comprehension passages is a vital key to instructional success. Each month you will receive 5 different passages about topics that students will LOVE! Both fiction and nonfiction genres will be included!  These passages are great to use for all of your readers! Each passage comes differentiated for high, on level, and lower readers. The same information is provided regardless of which story is read. All students can answer the same comprehension questions which allow teachers to easily provide truly differentiated, whole group instruction!  

Each passage is differentiated and marked as such by the symbols in the upper left-hand corner. The star is for higher readers, the circle is for on-level readers, and the square is for lower readers. These passages are focused around 2nd – 4th grade.  These comprehension passages provide great support to any curriculum you currently have (or don’t have)! You can use them as whole group lessons, small groups, homework, and even to leave for subs!  All of the passages are written to support the comprehension skill/strategy focus of the month. The questions provided will also support the skill. Not teaching that skill this month? Then just file them away so they are ready for later!


Strong and engaging mini-lessons are a fantastic way to directly teach students without all of the fluff! But coming up with ideas and angles on how to approach skills can be tricky! Ignite Your ReadersEach month, you’ll receive 5 different mini-lessons all centered around the monthly skill. Materials for the mini-lessons are included where applicable!

  • Each mini-lesson is print and go ready with very little prep on the teacher’s end.
  • The mini-lessons follow the true mini-lesson format.
  • Timing suggestions and space for extra notes are given for each section.
  • All materials that are needed for the mini-lessons are included where applicable.
  • The mini-lessons are adaptable to multiple grade levels based on the text that is chosen to read.


Download the FREE guide with loads of information, how-to’s, and photographs of everything included in the Ignite Your Readers subscription!

Small-Group Strategy Interventions

Ignite Your Readers Any curriculum can only take students so far. After that, it is up to you. So what about those students who don’t ‘get it’ with the materials you have?  My small-group strategy interventions are a perfect way to continue learning for those who need it. 5 different lessons are included each month. A brief and explicit lesson plan is included to help you get the lesson started with your students.  After you begin the lesson, use the ‘model’ section of the lesson to directly model the given strategy for your students. Remember, each lesson focuses on a different and unique strategy for students to implement.   

After you model, you will guide students to practice using the given practice page. Students get to try out the strategy you modeled as well as discuss, write, and engage in the text.  These lessons are print and go ready and need absolutely NO prep from you. They are perfect for your struggling readers or those who need a quick review!

Interactive Read-Aloud Lessons

Using strong mentor texts is an absolutely engaging and strategic way to teach comprehension skills and strategies.  Each month, I will Ignite Your Readerschoose 3 popular mentor texts to focus on. These mentor texts will help support the skill of the month.  Each interactive read-aloud comes with a complete step-by-step lesson, printable materials, sticky note questions, and an exit ticket!  The interactive read-aloud lessons are designed to be, well, interactive! Fun icons are dispersed around the lesson to help engage readers in the lesson by writing, chatting, and moving. 

Interactive read-alouds are a fantastic alternative to whole group lessons, mini-lessons, and can even be used in a small group. Each lesson should take around 20-25 minutes to complete if all components of the lesson are used.  A materials list, vocabulary list, and a detailed objective are also given at the top of each lesson plan.  Don’t have the books?  No problem! These books are easily found in your school libraries, public libraries, and even online read aloud by the authors! 

Reading Game/Center

Ignite Your Readers Independent and group practice is an important part of every successful classroom!  I couldn’t put together this amazing comprehension subscription without having a reading center for you! Each month, you’ll receive a rigorous, skill-focused reading center that you can implement easily into your small groups or stations.  Student-friendly directions and pieces are all included. You won’t be able to find centers like these anywhere else!


A Fun & Colorful Craft

With as much rigor, skill practice, and focus we have packed in the Ignite Your Readers subscription, we also had to throw in a bit of Ignite Your Readersfun and creativity, too!  I’ve been in your shoes! I know what it is like to try and do crafts that take forever, have too many pieces, and have no focal point for the students. These crafts will not be like that!  Yes, students NEED to cut, color, and glue, but we also need to keep our eyes on the objective! The monthly craft will be colorful and fun but still focused on the skill.  Not sure what to do with your craft or why to use it? These make perfect door and bulletin board displays to help showcase all of your students’ hard work!

I just know your students will enjoy every minute of making their monthly crafts! I would love to see photos of them in action. Make sure to tag me @cieraharristeaching on social media!


Each month, Ignite Your Reader subscribers will receive an email FULL of skill-focused materials. For example, January 2021 is Main Idea! Every component in the subscription is focused on Main Idea to give you and your students the support they need to master the skill!  It’s important for teachers to have resources that truly and completely support skills.

Why? Not every comprehension passage can teach Main Idea. Not every center works for reviewing Main Idea. Each of the resources included this month is designed to directly correlate to the overall standard and objective of Main Idea to ensure you have exactly what you need in your hands to support your students. 


I truly hope you’re excited to rock your reading instruction with all of the materials included each month in Ignite Your Readers. I can’t imagine that after this, you’ll need to spend any more time scrolling or needing to find something to fill in holes in your curriculum. And for $9.50 a month, you can’t beat it!  Remember, you can unsubscribe at any time, and will only have access to the months of which you have paid for. If you have any questions about the subscription, please feel free to email me at any time!


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