5 Back to School Amazon Must Haves

Back to school time means lists, lists, and even more lists.  There are lists of things to copy, organize, and even prep.  On top of that, I always had a list of things I needed!  I needed to refresh my stash of things like colorful paper, office supplies, and sticky notes.  And each year I always found a few new items that I fall in love with to add to my classroom.  I’d love to share with you 5 amazing back to school Amazon must haves to add to your classroom!

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(This post contains Amazon affiliate links.  This means that Amazon sends me a little pocket change, at no cost to you, if you purchase through one of these links.  This helps keep my site running and funds giveaways for you!)

Clip It!

Back to School must havesTired of not knowing what stack of papers is the stack to grade, and which is the stack that needs to go home with the kids? How about not being able to find that stack of papers that still need to be copied? With these Things to Do Binder Clips, you’ll never grab the wrong pile of papers again! Each of these sturdy 2-inch binder clips is brightly colored and easily identifiable. Grab yours and stay organized next year! 


Attention bells are an easy way to get students’ attention when it’s time to transition to another activity or stop group work. And students love usingback to school must haves buzzers when they are playing review games! Grab both of these in one package with this Attention Bell and Game Buzzers. This attention bell is easy to install and you can even choose your ringtone and purchase additional buzzers. 

Cool Down

back to school must havesDoes your classroom have a cool-down corner or reset area? These little spaces in the classroom provide students with a chance to calm down, regulate their emotions, and get ready to learn again. These Sensory Toys for Cool-Down Corner are a perfect addition to your classroom setup. The fidgets and squeeze balls help to relax and calm students with autism, ADD, anxiety, and stress. Check them out! 


Pocket Chart

This hanging Dry-Erase Pocket Chart for Schedules or Vocabulary can pull double duty! The dry-erase cards can be used to easily change the activities andback to school must haves times on your daily classroom schedule. Or, flip the cards over and write your weekly vocab or spelling words so they can be easily visible. This product has 13 pockets for cards and one for storage. 

Table Spots

back to school must haves These Dry-Erase Table Spots are genius! They turn any surface into a 12-inch colorful whiteboard. Simply put them on your small group table and let your students practice their spelling words, math facts, sight words, letters and numbers, and more! The strong adhesive is resistant to peeling off, and they wipe clean each time. These are perfect for all of your small groups. 


I have personally used all of these materials in my own classroom and I just know you will love them too!  So I hope you found one or two back to school must haves to add to your own classroom!  I also have a great list of classroom essentials that you’ll want to check out too!  If you want to save this post for later, pin the image below!

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