Back to School Must Have Picture Books

Are you stressing about ways to transition students from summer fun to learning? I totally get it! While some students are so excited to be back in the classroom, others are not. Due to this, they are hesitant to join in on the fun activities the teacher has planned. Luckily, I have the perfect way to support students as they adjust to waking up early and learning new material. Picture books! No matter the age, picture books are an incredible resource to use. So, these back to school must have picture books are ready to help all students enjoy every moment in the classroom! 

How to Catch a Class Pet 

Do some of your students struggle to sit still when they return to the classroom? For many of them, it is probably because they have spent the last few months exploring! Suddenly, they have this expectation to just sit for so many hours. So, I love to include back to school must have picture books that focus on adventure. 

In this hilarious story, the class pets all escape! Yes, this includes everything from lizards to birds. There is even a bearded dragon, which students always love! Now, students get to go on a journey to help catch every class pet. Honestly, this silly story will draw in even your most reluctant listeners!

The Dunderheads 

Did you ever have a nightmare about having a teacher who hates children? Or, did you ever experience this while in school? I sure hope not! 

In this story, there is a teacher who hates kids. Her name is Miss Breakbone. Yes, you read that name right! While she hates all kids, she really hates the ones who struggle to pay attention, doodle, or sleep during class. Since no student wants to spend the year with a mean teacher, the Dunderheads come together. They use their special talents to show their teachers how incredible kids really are. Students will love seeing the power of working with classmates in this fun story.

The Truth About My Unbelievable Summer 

I’ve had students tell me wild stories about their summer vacation! Like sliding down a giraffe or flying through the forest! Sometimes, the stories are so crazy that it is hard to know what is true or not. That is exactly what students will have to decide with this fantastic story. Students will hear all about a treasure hunt filled with high-flying hijinks and outrageous characters. Students will love hearing about this exciting adventure while deciding if it’s true or not. 

back to school must have picture books

For the Right to Learn: Malala Yousafzai’s Story

Every year, we work tirelessly to inspire students to be themselves. We want them to stand up for what is right and be proud of who they are. Sometimes the best way to do this involves back to school must have picture books! This story allows students to hear about a young girl who grew up in a world where women did not have a voice. However, she refused to listen to this. She proudly used her voice to change the world. After listening to this incredible story, students will feel inspired and empowered to make positive changes around them.

back to school must have picture books

I’m sure your mind is developing so many incredible ways to implement these books! However, I understand how short on time teachers are! I’ve had amazing ideas and just didn’t have the time to make them come to life! So, I love to offer freebies all year long through my Facebook group! Be sure to join Adventures of Teaching: Collaboration for 2nd-4th Teachers for many amazing ideas and freebies! 

The School of Failure: A Story about Success

Are your students so afraid to make mistakes that it holds them back? Or, do you have students who feel their mistakes mean they are not smart? Sadly, all classrooms have students who doubt themselves for various reasons. So, this is the perfect book to show students that success involves mistakes and determination. There are even three fairy tale characters to ensure students build personal connections. Honestly, this is one of my favorite back to school must have picture books to show students to never give up on their goals. 

School People 

For so many students, school is the place that brings them joy and excitement. However, it is not the decorations or playgrounds that are the source of these positive feelings. It is all of the grown-ups that children work with throughout the day. This book contains 15 poems that celebrate these adults. Yes, this includes bus drivers, teachers, custodians, and nurses. There is a beautiful, inspirational poem for all of the caring adults! 

Let Me Finish! 

You will have a classroom full of smiling faces with this story! Just as a young hero gets all comfy to read a great book, noisy animals create an adventure! Sadly, this adventure involves ruining the ending of the story. Thankfully, the young hero actually makes his own ending with the help of the animals. 

Chairs on Strike

Do you ever think about all that chairs endure each day? They have to hold us up and help keep us comfortable. They also have to handle us constantly wiggling around. On top of this, they smell our feet! So, this rhyming book creates so many giggles within our students as the chairs go on strike. Honestly, this is one of the best back to school must have picture books to teach students all about kindness. Best of all, this includes people and things! Students will love the funny story while seeing the importance of being kind. 

Back to school is exciting yet exhausting for students. They are enjoying time with their teachers and friends. However, this also means they are exerting so much energy! So, they need time to sit and enjoy the moment during the day. Luckily, these back to school must have picture books will help students fall back in love with school! 

chairs on strike

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