Science Smash Ups Sneak Peek

Do you stress out every year over teaching all the content standards? I know I do! As teachers, we want students to master the content truly. However, providing the needed time, support, and activities can be hard when there are so many standards to teach. After I had enough of this stress, I realized I needed to look at the standards differently. Instead of teaching the standards in core subject blocks of time, I decided to merge this time together. This might mean teaching social studies and reading at the same time. Or, teaching math and science at the same time. By doing this, I could dive into the standards and ensure students had time to work. That is why I am SO excited to share my Science Smash Ups sneak peek! This smash up is such a fun and creative way to practice reading skills with science activities! 

science smash ups

Science Smash Ups 

You’re probably wondering what science smash ups are. Don’t worry, you are not smashing anything in your classroom or doing something to make the fantastic custodians upset. Science smash ups mean that we are actually smashing two subjects together. So, we are working on reading skills and strategies while working on science standards. This is such a creative way to work on important content throughout the entire day! Now, let’s dive into all of the fantastic pieces to these activities. 

Breaking Down the Content 

Do your students struggle to understand fancy science terms? It happens! One of my favorite parts of smash ups involves students using their reading skills to understand all core content. 

In this resource, students will showcase this skill by learning about the Scientific Method. So, teachers can use this product in reading class in a nonfiction unit. Or, teachers can use it in science class while helping students apply their reading skills to comprehend the materials. No matter how teachers implement this resource, it will break down challenging science topics by applying reading skills! 


Science Smash Ups Pieces and Parts 

Have you ever purchased a product, and it was confusing to implement? Or, was it missing clear directions? It is so frustrating when this happens! Thankfully, you will not have to worry about that with the Science Smash Ups

There are tons of resources for busy teachers. This includes a teacher guide, I can statements, daily lesson plans, and a prompting guide for the student reader. Yes, ALL of this is part of the incredible resource. It will feel amazing to complete everything you need to during your plan period!

While having all of these resources ready for teachers is wonderful, students are at the heart of lessons. So, multiple activities allow them to apply their reading skills to learning the scientific method. This includes a nonfiction reader, workbook, vocabulary practice activities, and 2 hands-on science labs. There are even close reading passages, assessments, and a review game. Students are going to LOVE learning with this fantastic resource! 

science smash ups


Combining Science and Reading

I totally understand how stressful it is to teach so many standards each year! That is exactly why Science Smash Ups truly focuses on two subjects. For reading, students will practice using a table of contents, index, glossary, and headings to break down the content. They will apply these elements to learn about the scientific method in manageable pieces. Then, they will use their reading skills to show their comprehension within their notebooks. This will occur through journal pages, reflection pages, vocabulary activities, close reading, and exit tickets. Students will then demonstrate their learning through hands-on labs. Honestly, you will have a classroom full of smiling faces with this amazing smash up! 

scientific method

Expanding Comprehension Work 

Do your students do well at understanding surface-level information but struggle with a deep understanding? This is because comprehension is HARD! It takes time, practice, and patience to build. It is one of the many reasons I love to use reading skills throughout the day! For more tips, check out Building Comprehension! It will show additional ways to incorporate comprehension skills no matter the subject area. 

Teachers have so many standards to teach each year. This means that students have to learn SO much. However, if we want students to learn, we must get creative with the standards. The Science Smash Ups sneak peek does exactly this! Students will have a blast learning the scientific method by applying their reading skills.

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science smash ups


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