Books for Hispanic Heritage Month

Are you always looking for new ways to prepare students for life outside of school? Honestly, this is because you know the importance of ensuring students have all the support they need while in class. While the main focus is on academics, teachers also realize students need to gain social skills. This includes respecting diversity, understanding people have different beliefs, and valuing individuality. Honestly, one of the best ways to do this involves the power of books! So, I am so excited to share these books for Hispanic Heritage Month! 

books for hispanic heritage month

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#1- Tomas and the Library Lady by Pat Mora 

When selecting books for Hispanic Heritage Month, this is a must-have for bookshelves! It is based on a true story about the son of migrant workers. Every summer, Tomas and his family spend long, hot days working in the fields. At night, they are able to sit back and listen to Grandfather tell amazing stories. When Tomas thinks he knows all the stories, magic happens in the form of a librarian. Honestly, this incredible story shows students how a library opens up a world of stories filled with joy, determination, and rit. Students will feel ready to work hard to reach their goals with this story! 

books for hispanic heritage month

#2- Danza! by Duncan Tonatiuh

Many times, students love to dance! However, many do not know how dance originated. So, I love to bring in books for Hispanic Heritage Month that show students how much heart goes into each dance. This book focuses on Amalia Hernandez, a dancer, and founder of El Ballet Folklórico de México. As with any business, success did not occur overnight. She first fell in love with dancing in her town square Then, she studied under world-renowned dance companies. Through all the dancing, Amalia never forgot her roots. So, she traveled all around the Mexican countryside to study how others dance. With her heart and passion for ballet and modern dance, she brought traditional dances to the stage. Honestly, Amalia shows our readers how hard work and creativity transform an idea into a world-renowned company. 

read aloud

#3- My Name is Gabito by Monica Brown

Do your students love adventure? Similarly, do they love learning about people with endless determination, bravery, and courage? If they do, this is the perfect option! It follows the journey of Gabriel Garcia Marquez- also known as Gabito. Students will love seeing how he survived as a shipwrecked sailor! 

books for hispanic heritage month

#4- Dear Primo: A Letter to My Cousin by Duncan Tonatiuh

Are you always telling your students the importance of being a positive community member? Honestly, this is so important! However, this book shows students that a community does not just include their school. It even includes more than just their neighborhood! So, this book shows students how one cousin living in the United States and one cousin living in Mexico actually have similar lives! While they live in different areas of the world, they both like many of the same things. This is an incredible way to show students the importance of getting to know others before making assumptions. 

books for hispanic heritage month

#5- The Lizard and the Sun by Alma Flor Ada 

Are you always searching for creative ways to teach the importance of perseverance and hard work to your students? I’m sure all teachers are! Thankfully, this story creates the perfect way to drastically increase student interest AND awareness of never giving up. Students will learn about this through a brave little lizard who is searching for the sun. Sadly, it disappeared, and people are scared. While the animals search for everyone, no one can find it. Students will be on the edge of their seats while waiting to see if the lizard finds what he is looking for! 

mentor texts

#6- Pepe and the Parade: A Celebration of Hispanic Heritage by Tracey Kyle 

Do your students love parades? I’m sure they do! Therefore, they will be so excited to journal Pepe as he participates in a Hispanic Day parade. Students will learn about food, music, and dance that honors and respects Hispanic heritage. This book even includes Spanish words for students to learn!

mentor texts

I hope you found some new books for Hispanic Heritage Month to add to your classroom! They all allow students to explore amazing stories and beautiful illustrations. Grab some of my other favorite fall mentor texts while you’re here!

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books for hispanic heritage month


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