Establishing Your Reading Schedule

Teachers make thousands of decisions every school year. This includes everything from how the classroom looks to different ways to teach content. While all decisions are complex and challenging, one of the hardest involves establishing your reading schedule. Since reading is absolutely essential, the time set in the schedule is a reflection of your priorities. Thankfully, multiple reading schedule options ensure students receive the instruction they need and deserve. 

reading schedule

Frontloading Reading Schedule 

When considering this schedule, think of a sandwich. The teacher will spend more whole group time at the beginning and end of the week. Small group work will then occur in the middle of the week. 

Benefits of Reading Schedule

One of the hardest parts of teaching is knowing when to teach and when to practice. So, this reading schedule helps solve the problem! At the beginning of the week, the teacher lays out the content. Then, students spend the remainder of the week practicing in small groups. I love how this reading schedule allows students to focus on deeper, more focused learning. Students who need targeted instructional support can receive it throughout the week! 


The free guidebook includes 5 different schedule options. Thankfully, this means whether you have a 45-minute or 90-minute reading schedule, there are options for you! Overall, Monday begins with several mini lessons over the weekly material. Then, students work in small groups Tuesday-Thursday to work on mastering the focus elements. On Friday, they wrap up lessons and activities and complete assessments. 


Is This For Me?

If you enjoy some flexible time in your schedule, this could be the schedule for you! Whether preferring the mini-lesson format or enjoying time wrapping up loose ends, this schedule allows for both. Additionally, it permits teachers to spend more time on comprehension and identifying misconceptions for differentiation. If you are searching for tips on helping students become stronger in reading, you can even check out Building Comprehension. Ultimately, this reading schedule allows you to have structure and routine while allowing you to step outside the norm. 

reading schedule

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A/B Block Reading Schedule 

This design model has a unique spin on the everyday organization of a reading block. Instead of the same thing every day, Monday and Wednesday mirror each other while Tuesday and Thursday mirror each other. 


Honestly, the traditional copy/paste schedule does not allow enough time for students to learn everything. Lessons become too rushed and simplified. So, a block schedule allows for more balance. This means that teachers can dive deeper into the content when they are not rushing against the clock. The block schedule creates a better balance on how to ensure students are learning without feeling overwhelmed. 

Examples of Reading Schedule 

I love how block schedules allow for so much versatility. For instance, you may have a block of 90 minutes with writing or 120 minutes without writing. Thankfully, the guidebook includes 5 different block schedules. Teachers can then decide how to utilize the allotted time. This can include time for phonics and grammar mini-lessons, guided reading time, mentor texts, and independent work time. I love how block schedules allow students to have the guidance and support of the teacher while also allowing them to build skills independently. 

Is This For Me?

Honestly, only you can answer what is best for your classroom. However, if you do not like to do the same thing every single day and need to mix things up, it could be! In other words, if you like to break away from traditional schedules and are a master of the mini-lesson format, a block schedule could be the answer. Additionally, if you are looking for a strong way to help differentiate and reach all of the unique learners in your classroom, this option could be the perfect solution. This schedule will help ensure you provide instruction for all 5 components of literature while allowing students to think deeply! 

reading schedule

Balanced Reading Schedule 

In this schedule, students receive the same amount of instruction every day. However, there is a unique twist to keep lessons exciting.

Benefits of Reading Schedule

If you are a teacher who loves routine, this can be the perfect reading schedule for you! Students will have a transparent routine with them knowing what to do and where to go each day of the week. Each day follows the same routine, so students know exactly what to expect! Therefore, they can dive right into the content. 


The balanced reading schedule works for any amount of classroom time. Thankfully, the free guidebook includes 5 different versions for examples. Typically, the schedule will begin with students working on a mini-lesson over a certain skill. Then, there will be stations and groups to work on various skills, such as writing and comprehension. 

Is This For Me?

If you like each day to look and feel the same, this reading schedule is probably for you! It allows you to focus on lessons, such as word studies, and break into small groups. This is especially helpful if you think taking a break during stations is beneficial for classroom management. This schedule even allows you to meet with your groups multiple times throughout the week. 


Picking the right reading schedule is tough! For additional guidance and support, check out Reading Block Planning Tips! The above options and these tips will make establishing your reading schedule an enjoyable process. 

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