Teaching Reading and Science Simultaneously

Are you always stressing out over teaching all of your standards each year? Or, do you feel uneasy about teaching all the standards but not really digging into them? I know I do! Every. Single. Year! The stress never goes away because we want to teach students in meaningful ways, but there are so many standards to teach! After I had enough of feeling like this, I knew I had to change something. A thought came to my mind about teaching reading and science simultaneously. After trying it out and seeing the fantastic results, I am excited to share all of the incredible benefits! 

teaching reading and science simultaneously

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#1- Build Background Knowledge 

Teachers know the tremendous power of background knowledge. However, it is now time for students to understand this! No, we cannot just tell them the benefits of understanding background knowledge. They need to experience it personally. This is precisely why teaching reading and science simultaneously is so beneficial. Ultimately, students will develop stronger comprehension if they already have some background knowledge about the subject. Are you wondering how this works? Let me explain! If students are getting ready to learn about the scientific method in science, they can read about the process in a story. This can be about an exciting experiment and how the character works through the process. Or, if students are going to read about the life cycle of a butterfly, this is the perfect time to teach about the topic in science. Teaching these subjects simultaneously allows students to understand so many topics deeper. 

#2- Higher Level of Interest and Engagement 

What kid doesn’t want to do a science experiment? They are so much fun! Honestly, reading about science and doing experiments will help ensure all of your students fully understand the material! While teachers want students to be excited about the class, they always want to provide high-quality learning. So, teaching reading and science simultaneously allows students to learn about the world. After reading about different topics, students can complete various science experiments related to the information. 

I have the perfect bundle for you if you’re looking for the best units to bring in interest and engagement! The Science Smash Ups Bundle creates a fantastic way to teach reading and science simultaneously. There are workbooks filled with ways for students to practice reading skills and hands-on labs for exploration. Honestly, students will love literacy and science coming together as one. 

scientific method

#3- Practical Application 

How many times do students ask you why they need to learn specific material? I’m sure it happens more than you would like! Thankfully, teaching reading and science simultaneously naturally shows students the why behind lessons. They will read and see real-world examples through texts, experiences, and resources. Your students will love to know exactly why the content is essential to their lives and the world. 

#4- Connection to Career and Employability Skills 

No matter the age you teach, districts push career and employability skills. Ultimately, this is the reason why students are in school. They need to learn the material that will allow them to advance their education or earn a well-paying job right after graduation. Teaching reading and science simultaneously will enable students to explore career options in the real world. Additionally, they can gain more insight into where they want their future to go. After exploring a few options, I love to hear students share ideas about their futures! Best of all, they have the background knowledge to explain the reasons behind their plans and ideas. 

science experiment

#5- Applying MULTIPLE Reading Skills with Science Texts 

Reading about science is complicated. There are so many challenging vocabulary terms and concepts. So, this is what makes reading about science so amazing! Students apply MULTIPLE reading skills to comprehend the information. I can even reference the reading skills we focus on in reading to show students how to implement them. Then, they can do this to help LEARN the science standards! After I tried this, it seemed crazy not to simultaneously teach science and reading. I focused on teaching various skills while students gained confidence in their knowledge by applying the strategies. It became a win-win for all. 

If you are looking for an incredible way to implement teaching reading and science simultaneously, check out Science Smash Ups! Students will learn all about the Scientific Method through engaging and exciting reading skills. 

Teachers have to make so many decisions each day. After reviewing the above benefits, I hope that teaching reading and science simultaneously becomes a no-brainer. Using this strategy throughout the year allows students to learn material deeper. On top of this, teachers will feel less stress over planning so many lessons for so many standards. 

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teaching reading and writing simultaneously



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