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With so many educational and academic initiatives happening, it’s hard to know what to trust.  There’s ‘research’ out there that supports almost anything.  So when it comes to identifying and using instructional best practices, which ones do we pick?  I know one thing for sure, close reading will always be on my list!  Close reading is a research-based strategy that teaches students how to dig deep and become analytical readers and critical thinkers.   Is it worth jumping on the bandwagon?   Absolutely!  I’ve put together a free Close Reading Guidebook that will help break down what is close reading, help you understand the ins and outs, as well as develop your own reading routine.  Let’s check it out!

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Close reading is a beast.  Every book out there will say so.  But it is followed by huge results.  This strategy truly helps students dig, think, evaluate, and every other ‘Bloom’s’ word out there!  I designed this Close Reading Guidebook to help expose teachers to this necessary strategy in hopes they too will see its importance.  Let’s see what’s included in the FREE Guidebook!

Close Reading Guidebook

The first part of the free resource is, of course, the guidebook itself.  It’s comprised of 10 informational pages to help answer all of the most frequently asked questions teachers have when using this strategy.

  • What is close reading?
  • What’s involved in each of the three reads?
  • How do I best introduce this strategy?
  • How can I determine which text is best to use for close reading?
  • How and when do I implement the close reading strategy?
  • How do I make close reading engaging?

Each question above is answered with plenty of information to help you get started and want to learn more!  But that’s not all that’s included in the Guidebook!  There’s more!

Guidebook Reading Extras

I couldn’t just leave you with an information book now could I?  Nope!  I also included some ‘goodies’ to help get you going and make it fun!  Here’s what’s included!

  1. I included reading bookmarks to use during the 2nd read of the close reading process.  On the bookmark are annotating symbols that students can use to mark up the text when analyzing.  You do not have to use my symbols, feel free to create your own with your class!
  2. Next, you’ll find two pages of mini reading anchor charts.  I seriously love these!  Have each student cut apart the squares and hole punch in the top left corner.  Then attach them all to a small binder ring.  Students can use these when reading to help remind them of what each skill or strategy is!
  3. After that, you’ll find a fun goodie just for you!  I think it’s extremely important to plan out your read to ensure you’re getting the depth out of the text.  So I included a  focus template to help guide you through planning out your close reading lessons.

Even More!

  1. And because I’m all about engagement, I put in 8 different activities you can do to spice up your close reading routine!  Each of the 8 engagement activities can be used with any text and in any grade level!
  2. Finally, I created a 3 part flip chart.  On each of the pieces, are questions teachers can ask during each of the three reads.  Teachers can print and prep this flip book and use it during their lessons to ensure they are asking the right questions!

So much to use and so little time!  But in all honesty, I hope this guidebook (and extra goodies) help you get going on implementing your own routine!  Now, how do you get all of these resources for free?

Just trade me your home email address below and they are all yours!

image of inside of close reading guidebook

I can’t wait for you to check out the guidebook even closer!  I just know you’re going to love it!  Once you get the guidebook in your email, feel free to reply and let me know what you think!  And if you fall in love with it – you may even want to find out how to use close reading in math!  😉

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