Disability Awareness Picture Books

All students deserve to be seen and heard, and this includes representation in books!  Having a variety of picture books in your classroom library helps to ensure all of your students feel welcomed and important.  Whether it’s books with different races or cultures, different family structures of religions, and even books with children with disabilities – being intentional about book selection is key!  Check out my favorite disability awareness picture books below!

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Disability Awareness Picture Book #1:

 My Three Best Friends and Me, Zulay is a fun and quick read about three best friends who help each other through everything.  They all love to sing and dance.  They help each other in school with math, reading, and even art.  But there’s a special event coming up that someone feels nervous about – Field Day.  You see, Zulay is blind.  She gets up the courage to volunteer to run the relay race (in her new pink shoes of course).  After lots of practice and help from her new cane and her teacher, Zulay runs and finishes the race!

I chose this book because there are not very many picture books about the disability of blindness.  This book shows that with determination, no matter the disability, students can do what they put their minds to.  I think all students can relate to the characters in this text.  I highly recommend it as an addition to your classroom library!

Picture Book #2:

Rescue & Jessica…  When I first saw this book, I cried.  Just recently (2022), my dog Allen passed away at the age of 14.  He was aRescue and Jessica picture book cover service dog just like Rescue in the book.  Although, he didn’t work with just one handler. He worked at my school!  He came to work with me every day to give emotional support to students all throughout the school.  He was loved by so many kids.  So when I found this book, I just knew I had to have it.

Rescue, the dog in the book, is growing up to be a seeing-eye dog!  But he gets news that he might be better off being a service dog instead.  He isn’t sure about this news and doesn’t know if he is up to the task.  But then he meets someone special, Jessica.  Rescue and Jessica both have something in common – both of their lives haven’t turned out the way they were expecting them to.  Now Rescue feels he has a purpose.

Disability Awareness Picture Book #3:



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