Saving money, as teachers, is especially important!  One easy way to do that when looking for classroom resources is by purchasing bundles!  A bundle is a group of similar resources that is discounted as a thank you for purchasing multiple at once.   All of MY bundles in the store are 20% off to help get you the best savings possible.  Check out all of the current bundles I offer below!

Bundles from Ciera Harris Teaching

10-Minute Reading and Math Interventions

Reading and Math interventions don’t have to be time-consuming. Quick, easy, and specific activities can help students achieve their goals! My Reading and Math Interventions resources are just that!  Each page is designed to be completed in no more than 10 minutes! There are over 300 student pages with 12 different reading skills and 15 math skills. Each student page comes with a 1/2 page teacher lesson plan.  This is great for volunteers, subs, push-in help, or teacher aides!  Lesson plans include a breakdown of the activity, exactly what to say to introduce the activity to the students, explicit and sequential directions, and a wrap-up with deep conversational questions to keep students thinking about the activity has been completed!

There are 10+ pages for each skill included. The pages are numbered #1 – 10+ and increase in rigor as you go up. So intervention #1 is the easiest or highest intervention need and #10 is the hardest and lowest intervention need. You can have students complete all ten or pick and choose based on the student’s needs!  Also included are tracking pages so you can easily keep track of which student has completed which intervention pages! Super easy and organized!

Reading Skills and Strategy Units

Teaching comprehension strategies and skills can be hard! Especially trying to figure out where to start and how to jump in. Let’s take the pressure off with this amazing bundle of well-laid-out lesson plans, hands-on activities, visuals, centers, crafts & much more! 

Each unit comes with the following:

  • 5 full lesson plans with materials list, differentiation strategies, and step by step directions
  • Whole group and small group activities
  • Exit tickets for each day’s lesson
  • End of week assessment
  • Graphic Organizer(s)
  • Bookmark and Anchor chart
  • Hands-on center
  • Engaging craft

You won’t find anything better out there! This is 7 weeks in the strategy bundle and 17 weeks included in the skills bungle – both with engaging, rigorous, and laid-out lesson plans ready for YOU!

Close Reading Bundle

The BEST way to get students to comprehend nonfiction is to practice over and over. These engaging, print & go nonfiction close reading passages are just what you need! (PRINT & DIGITAL included)  This MEGA bundle includes ALL of my current nonfiction close reading passages. As I add more close reading passages to my store, I will add them to the bundle and the price will increase – so get in NOW so you get all updates in the future for free!  Digital components are compatible with Google Classroom or Google Slides.



Task Cards Mega Bundles

Looking for a way to get your students to practice Reading, Grammar, and Math Skills? My MEGA bundle Skill task cards are a perfect and easy way to get students to understand many skills. The task cards are self-differentiating with NO extra work from you!  This MEGA bundle includes all three of my digital task card sets – which are over 1,400 cards! Check out the thumbnail photos of lists of every skill included!

These specific task cards are a differentiated and personalized way to get all of your students the practice that they each individually need. These task cards are unlike ANY OTHER task cards you’ve ever purchased! They will give you loads of data on your students AND differentiate how much time and practice each of your students get without you having to do ANY extra work!

You can also find the individual digital task card bundles here:  Reading, Math, & Grammar

Or if you prefer print and go, you can find them here:  Reading, Math, & Grammar

Grab the digital MEGA BUNDLE or the print MEGA BUNDLE to save even MORE!

Comprehension One Pagers

Looking for some quick and easy comprehension passages to use in your classroom? My comprehension one-page worksheets are perfect for that extra bit of practice. They come in digital AND printable pages both!  In this resource, you’ll find 114 pages (14 different skills) – each with its own 1/2 page passage and either a graphic organizer and/or comprehension questions at the bottom. Students will simply read the passage and fill in the organizer and/or answer the comprehension questions. 

This resource is geared towards 2nd – 4th grade and does not include differentiated passages.




Level Up Writing Units

Bringing FUN into writing can sometimes be challenging. Engage your students from the beginning with these low prep, hands on writing challenges! Level Up Your Writing brings collaboration, engagement, rigor, and fun into the classroom. Here’s how it works:

This resource includes 5 levels of challenges. In each challenge, students are asked to complete an activity that enhances their knowledge about the genre they are focusing on. The challenges increase in rigor from the first to the last. Students must complete the first challenge and have it checked by the teacher in order to gain access to the next challenge.

With each challenge, students earn badges to represent their progress. The teacher can also give teams Boosts (hints) and Zingers (demotes) to teams who are working well together or who need a reminder. A final challenge and an early finisher are also provided along with a certificate for completing all five challenges! Pages come with color and black and white printer friendly options too!


End of Year Mega Bundle

Need to fill your last few days with some engaging activities? This Mega bundle includes many of my end of the year activities & awards all in one discounted bundle. Grab this bundle for 20% off on all of the below resources! Please let me know if you have any questions about the resource.





Context Clues Seasonal Activities Bundle

Context Clues can be a difficult skill for students to learn and practice. Through these fun and engaging lessons, students will learn to discover the meanings of the special ‘language’ that the character of the month is using. These are all sold separately but you can get them ALL in a bundle here at a discounted price! 25% off as a bundle!!

  • Talk Like a Pilgrim
  • Talk Like a Snowman
  • Talk Like an Elf
  • Talk Like Cupid
  • Talk Like the Easter Bunny
  • Talk Like a Teacher
  • Talk Like a Monster
  • Talk Like Johnny Appleseed
  • Talk Like a Leprechaun

Math & Reading 4 Corner Game Bundle

Getting students engaged in a lesson can sometimes be difficult. Getting them up and out of their seats is ALWAYS a go to strategy for me! With these 4 corner games you can do just that! Students respond to questions by moving their bodies to the specific corner of the room that matches the answer they choose. Instant feedback for the teacher and a great way to discuss instantly the misconceptions that students may have.


I hope you find a bundle (or two) that will help save you time & energy from planning and even a little money too!

I’m a wife, a mommy of 3, blogger, and a full time teacher author and presenter. I love to read, shop, and spend time with my family! My hands are always busy, but my heart is so full!

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