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Teaching reading is a fine art that takes skill, patience, knowledge, and finesse.  It’s not black and white like the curriculum books make it out to be.  We have all been ‘there’ where reading lessons go awry, students and teachers get frustrated, and progress is limited.  But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Hi! My name is Ciera Harris...

I’m a former elementary school teacher turned teacherpreneur.  I have spent the last decade perfecting my reading instruction to help other teachers do the same!  Understanding the ins and outs of reading skills & strategies, creating flawless lesson plans, and figuring how to best serve early readers are my specialty!  And now I’m here to share all of that insight with you!  So if you’re an elementary teacher who knows they want MORE out of their reading instruction, you’ve found the right gal to help!
After teaching in the classroom for 10 years and working as an instructional coach, I felt my calling was even bigger and I decided to leave the brick and mortar buildings to help teachers across the country.  I’ve traveled around presenting at reading conferences, such as the National SDE Conference in Las Vegas, created my own course on helping teachers understand reading comprehension, and have designed my own reading curriculum that follows an extensive formula to help students rock at reading! 
While I’m not nose deep with my computer, I’m at home with my three wonderful children and husband, whom I adore!  I am also an avid Notre Dame football fan and a lover of HUGE earrings! 😉  

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