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Elementary Reading Centers

Managing Reading Stations

As a reading coach, I always get asked how best to manage elementary reading centers. Honestly, this is such a great question! Reading centers are a powerful way to meet the needs of each student, but if not implemented just right, students will be off task. Unfortunately, the teacher often focuses on correcting behavior versus working with students. Thankfully, I have 4 simple tips for managing reading stations! These tips are excellent ways to ensure the classroom has structure, organization, and powerful learning.  Want to watch the video instead?  Check it out below!  Make sure to subscribe to get updates on all new content!  Tip 1: Take Yourself out of a Station  Yes, you read that right! You, the teacher, should not be in a

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picture books for upper elementary

How to Choose Complex Books

  There are so many picture books out there! So, how do you know which one is the right one? Trust me- I’ve been there! It is hard to decide with so many options. Thankfully, the Science of Reading shows teachers that we must select complex picture books for upper elementary. When we become very conscious of how to choose complex books, students can dive in deeper and think critically about what they are reading. Since deciding what makes a book complex is tricky, let’s dive into 8 aspects that will help you select picture books for upper elementary.  Want to watch the video instead?  Check it out below!  Make sure to subscribe to get updates on all new content!  Using Picture Books for Teaching

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