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teaching reading and science simultaneously

Teaching Reading and Science Simultaneously

Are you always stressing out over teaching all of your standards each year? Or, do you feel uneasy about teaching all the standards but not really digging into them? I know I do! Every. Single. Year! The stress never goes away because we want to teach students in meaningful ways, but there are so many standards to teach! After I had enough of feeling like this, I knew I had to change something. A thought came to my mind about teaching reading and science simultaneously. After trying it out and seeing the fantastic results, I am excited to share all of the incredible benefits!  #1- Build Background Knowledge  Teachers know the tremendous power of background knowledge. However, it is now time for students to understand

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books for hispanic heritage month

Books for Hispanic Heritage Month

Are you always looking for new ways to prepare students for life outside of school? Honestly, this is because you know the importance of ensuring students have all the support they need while in class. While the main focus is on academics, teachers also realize students need to gain social skills. This includes respecting diversity, understanding people have different beliefs, and valuing individuality. Honestly, one of the best ways to do this involves the power of books! So, I am so excited to share these books for Hispanic Heritage Month!  (This post contains Amazon affiliate links.  This means that Amazon sends me a little pocket change, at no cost to you, if you purchase through one of these links.  This helps keep my site running

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