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reading assessment

Reading Assessments: Which Ones Are Best to Use?

Giving assessments as a teacher is inevitable.  Although we dislike giving them, they provide helpful data and information that can drive our instruction.  We know that there are many different types of assessments:  formative, summative, exit tickets, etc.  Then there are also running records, guided reading assessments, benchmark assessments.  The list can go on and on.  Out of all of these assessments, which ones are the best to use?  Now, I can’t tell you to use this program or this exact text BUT I can give you three important factors to look at when evaluating reading assessments.  Here are three factors to look for in a strong reading assessment: I’ve been around the teaching world long enough to know there isn’t such a thing as

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What to teach in small groups blog header

Small Groups and What To Teach

As teachers, we all know that teaching in small groups is a vital part of our job.  We simply cannot reach 25+ students during whole group all day long.  Breaking up our day and providing small group opportunities in all subjects allows us to differentiate, support, and help meet the needs of all our students.  But when it comes to small groups, what exactly are we supposed to be doing?  There are many questions teachers have about small groups, what to teach, how to teach it, and where to find materials.  Let’s break down our understanding of what to teach in small groups! The first thing teachers need to figure out when preparing for small groups is the purpose.  What is the purpose of meeting

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