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Close Reading

Are you always trying to find new ways to build reading comprehension with your students? I’m sure you are! Teachers work so hard to ensure that students understand what they read. While looking at new strategies is great, a buzzword in education for the past few years can actually be what you’re looking for! This is close reading! Yes, I’m sure you’ve heard of close reading before, but maybe it hasn’t been impactful as you’ve hoped. Or, you’re unsure how to implement it in the classroom. Well, you’ve come to the right place! I have three incredible tips to ensure close reading success in the classroom.    #1: Understanding and Purpose  The first tip is for students AND teachers! The first thing teachers need to

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gifted reading

Gifted Reading

Are you always looking for new ways to support your gifted and talented students? I’m sure you are! However, finding quality strategies to implement directly in the classroom can be challenging. Sadly, this often causes students not to receive the extra push they deserve. Teachers and students have so much to handle already. Thankfully, there are strategies to support gifted reading with your students! Best of all, they are quick and easy to implement with powerful results!  #1: Teach Greek and Latin Roots  Now, you may be thinking that this strategy is ideal for middle school and high school students. While this is true, it is perfect for younger students! Here’s why! When students are gifted readers, they read books that are above grade level.

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