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I’m a former elementary school teacher turned teacherpreneur.  I have spent the last decade perfecting my reading instruction to help other teachers do the same!  If you’re an elementary teacher who knows they want MORE out of their reading instruction, you’ve found the right gal to help!  

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Building Comprehension PD

After years of struggling, I found a formula that helped me plan meaningful reading comprehension lessons. Now it’s your turn to find success in understanding and teaching reading comprehension!

Walk away from this online Professional Development course with ideas, strategies, and more to take your teaching to the next level!

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science smash ups

Science Smash Ups Sneak Peek

Do you stress out every year over teaching all the content standards? I know I do! As teachers, we want students to master the content truly. However, providing the needed time, support, and activities can be hard when there are so many standards to teach. After I had enough of this stress, I realized I needed to look at the standards differently. Instead of teaching the standards in core subject blocks of time, I decided to merge this time together. This might mean teaching social studies and reading at the same time. Or, teaching math and science at the same time. By doing this, I could dive into the standards and ensure students had time to work. That is why I am SO excited to

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morning routine

5 Tips for Mastering Your Morning Routine

Do you ever feel overwhelmed before the day even begins? Is this due to students running into your classroom while you are trying to manage so many things? Please do not think you are the only teacher feeling this way! There is just so much to get done in the morning between checking folders, collecting lunch counts, and submitting attendance. However, it is awful beginning each day feeling flustered and stressed. I decided I did not want to feel like this anymore. I knew I had to do something to ensure the morning set the tone for an incredible learning day. So, I created a solid morning routine that establishes productivity and calmness among students. I am so excited to share my 5 tips for

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