Ignite Vault 2021

Ignite Your Readers is an amazing monthly subscription that provides supplementary reading comprehension resources for elementary teachers at a very low price.  Each month, teachers receive over 50 pages of materials including reading comprehension passages with questions, comprehension interventions, mini-lessons, interactive read-aloud lessons, and even a craft & reading center.  All materials are available in print and digital as well!  This is a great opportunity for teachers to fill their files with engaging and rigorous materials for when they need them!

Ignite Your Readers Vault 2021 & 2022

Just FYI – The 2021 vault is below and the 2022 vault is on a separate page.

In each month’s materials, you’ll find:  5 differentiated reading comprehension passages with questions, 5 mini-lessons with materials, 5 small group intervention lessons, 3 interactive read-aloud lessons with materials, a craft, and a reading center.  Over 50+ pages in each month!

January:  Main Idea

In the month of January, the Ignite materials focused on the reading skill of Main Idea.  The materials focus on specific strategies to help break down this important skill.  Both fiction and nonfiction passages are used throughout to allow practice with both genres.  Teach new strategies such as important words, how/why, important vs. unimportant, and many more!





February:  Making Inferences

In the month of February, the Ignite materials focused on the reading skill of Making Inferences.  Unique mentor texts such as Pigeon P.I and Blackout are used for interactive read alouds.  New strategies such as observations vs. inferences, what do I know, and using schema are introduced to help give students concrete ways to make inferences independently when reading.





March:  Summarizing

In the month of March, the Ignite materials focused on the reading skill of Summarizing.  Nonfiction texts about television and the printing press along with fictional stories are used to help expose readers to summarizing both genres.  Strategies such as using the 5 W’s, relevant information, and using the just-right checklist help support the learning progress of this important reading skill.



April:  Figurative Language

In the month of April (Poetry Month), the Ignite materials focused on figurative language!  In this month’s resources, students get to create an adorable craft called ‘Figurative Town’ to help show their understanding of different types of figurative language.  Strategies such as visualizing, understanding literal vs. figurative, and writing figurative sentences are used to give an engaging experience through these fun literary concepts.





May:  Text Features

In the month of May, the Ignite materials focused on nonfiction text features.  Through these materials, students will learn how to identify characteristics of a variety of text features, understand where facts come from – either the text or the feature, and even how text structures and text features are connected.  Take a deeper dive into understanding text features with the amazing mini-lessons and strategy interventions provided!




June:  Author’s Purpose

In the month of June, the Ignite materials focused on identifying the author’s purpose of a text.  Instead of a head-on approach, the materials support a deeper understanding of this reading skill.  Students focus on understanding the different types of ‘inform’ purpose authors can use as well as analyzing an author’s vocabulary to support their understanding of the author’s purpose.  Students even get to experience being the author themselves to truly immerse themselves into the skill.





July:  Characterization

In the month of July, the Ignite materials focused on characterization.  The materials go way beyond the surface understanding of characters that most materials provide.  In the resources, students will experience discussing direct vs. indirect characterization, inner conflict, and analyze multiple characterization concepts.  Students will learn to connect events with impact on characters and how to analyze a character’s perspective.





August:  Plot

In the month of August, the Ignite materials focused on the plot of fictional texts.  Strategies such as the differences between plot and summary are discussed to help give students a more concrete understanding of this important reading skill.  A deep dive into story elements, analyzing and using a plot diagram, and evaluating events in a story all help students determine the importance as they read.





September:  Text Structure

In the month of September, the Ignite materials focused on nonfiction text structures.  Graphic organizers, evidence in a text, and writing are all used to help break down this important reading skill for students to better understand.  Engage your students with a fun Lego-themed craft and a reading center where students compete against each other to be the first to identify all 5 text structures.



October:  Cause and Effect

In the month of October, the Ignite materials focused on cause and effect in both fictional and nonfiction texts.  Students discuss how cause and effect is a relationship between two events in a text.  Strategies such as First & Second, Give one Get one, and Chain of Events are used to help make the idea of cause and effect more concrete for students.  Top that off with a bright and cheery craft and a partner game to enjoy and you’ve got a great amount of resources to help your students master cause and effect.





November:  Compare & Contrast

In the month of November, the Ignite materials focused on compare and contrast.  From using keywords to comparing characters, fictional texts, and writing their own compare and contrast paragraphs, students are immersed in engaging and rigorous activities all around.  Students practice by comparing story elements, using photographs, color coding, and more!





December:  Theme

In the month of December, the Ignite materials focused on teaching theme.  Here students will learn how to analyze theme in real life and transfer that to a text.  Through the resources, students will also take a backward approach to learning about theme by analyzing vocabulary, creating their own text evidence, and even analyzing text evidence that does and doesn’t support a given theme.




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