Reading Consumption vs. Reading Comprehension

Have you ever had a student who reads like the wind but struggles to remember anything from the text? Or, if they do remember anything, they are simply regurgitating facts and details? This is a case of reading consumption vs. reading comprehension and it’s time to unpack the reasons behind it.

True comprehension goes beyond remembering and repeating. It involves understanding the text on a deeper level and making inferences, connections, and analysis. On this inaugural episode of The Literacy Lounge, I share how to spot the difference between consumption and comprehension. Plus, you’ll gain strategies to finally foster students’ ability to make meaning and encourage critical thinking.

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Episode Highlights:

05:10 The difference between reading consumption and reading comprehension

06:52 What students actually need in order to comprehend a text

11:04  How we know when a student is consuming versus comprehending, and the importance of asking the right questions

13:36 – 5 key strategies that you can implement to promote comprehension 

17:11 Why we need to focus on teaching strategies versus skills

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