Reaching Every Learner: Dr. Chris Reeve’s Approach to Special Education

How can we best support our students with special needs inside the general education classroom when we don’t have a background in special education? Without training in special education, teachers often wonder how they can ensure their students with special needs are receiving the instruction and support they need. Dr. Chris Reeve is joining me today to share some incredible insight on how we can support these students.

Dr. Chris Reeve has a doctorate in psychology and is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst-Doctoral. She has a passion for helping special education teachers serve their students in the best ways possible.

Join us as we dive into the best ways general education teachers can support their students with special needs, specifically in the literacy block. She shares invaluable information on how teachers can support these students, how to create a supportive classroom culture, the role of differentiation, the importance of understanding a student’s IEP, and more!

Episode Highlights:

06:57 – The 3 areas teachers can support students with special needs inside the literacy block

10:24 – What role differentiation plays when supporting the diverse needs of students

21:27 – The importance of knowing, understanding, and implementing the student’s IEP

32:10 – How we can support and find more effective collaboration practices to bring both general education teams and special education teams together to support those students

42:33 – What strategies general education teachers can use to assess the progress of students with special needs.

Our Guest on This Episode:

From running Autism Classroom Resources, to creating teacher resources on TeachersPayTeachers, Chris’ driving goal has always been about bringing special educators together and helping them serve their students in the best ways they can. Chris has a doctorate in psychology and is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst-Doctoral. 

She has spent the last 25 years working with a wide variety of special education programs as a behavior specialist, an administrator, a university faculty, and primarily as a trainer and consultant. Chris runs the Autism Classroom Resources store on TeachersPayTeachers, the Autism Classroom Resources podcast, and blog, and also has a training and support membership site for special educators called the Special Educator Academy

You can check out the Autism Classroom Resources website, listen to The Autism Classroom Resources Podcast, and follow Chris on TikTok @autismclassroomresources and Facebook. You can join her Facebook Group or email her at [email protected].

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