Find it – Tag it!

I’m in no way good at thinking of cute names for games I think up.  Find it – Tag it was as good as it gets with me!  I just got back from running into school to take in my new Lakeshore Learning products I bought and to decorate for February 😉  I looked at my plans and realized I had nothing planned for our Success Math period that we have everyday.  Success Math is basically a 30 minute remediation/enrichment math period that our school has set into our daily schedule.  How it works is whatever topic we taught last month is the topic for this month in success.  For example, in the month of January we taught Geometry so in February for Success we’re teaching Geometry.  Its basically giving those students who need more time – more time and those students who have it get to be pushed a little more.  We ability group for Success Math which takes some time to do this every single month and we haven’t gotten our groups ready yet for Monday which is why I hadn’t planned anything yet.  So I’m sitting here thinking of what kind of activity could I do no matter what level of kids I have?  And this is what I came up with:  Find it – Tag it!

Basically its a great review activity that gets the kids out of their seats.  For the lower kids – if I end up with that group, it will be a good way of getting to see how low and who needs what help.  For the high kids, it will be a great review and a way to say – Good – you know it now we can move on!  Find it – Tag it works like this (and I’m up for suggestions on how to make it better!)  I’ll put the kids into teams of 2 and give each team a copy of the recording sheet and 8 post-it notes.  They will number their post-it notes with the numbers 1-8.  I’ll announce a shape and they’ll race around the room to find an object that is the shape I announced.  When they find it they tag it with their post it note – then they stop to fill out their recording sheet.  The recording sheet just consists of the name of the shape, the object they found, and how they know that object is that shape (i.e. it has 4 sides, 4 corners, etc.)  When we’re all done we’ll go back through all 8 shapes and the students will share what they found.  PLEASE let me know what you think!  You can download the file HERE!

Have a great week everyone!

PS – I’m sad that I can’t get the Google Docs to show the preview anymore – anyone know what’s going on??


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