Summer Stock Up!

So believe it or not, I only have 4 more weeks left of summer break..  *Insert Tears Here*  And one of those weeks I’ll be in Vegas!  So there’s spare moment that I’m not thinking about… dun dun dunnnn..  Back to school!  I’m already stalking all of my favorite blogs, TpT stores, Instagram, etc to find what I want and need so I’m not overwhelmed when the time comes!
So I’m teaming up with some other amazing bloggers to bring you the #SummerStockUp!  We have all chosen one (or two) items that we think are ‘da bomb’ that will help you kickstart your year off right.  There are lots of different categories to choose from too!  And what’s even better – everything in the stock up you’ll be able to grab a ‘sample’ of on Facebook before purchasing so you know if you’ll like it or not!
So here’s what I got for ya! 😉
Nothing else screams B2S than Getting To Know You Activities!!  And what better way to do ‘get to know ya’ than by using a Cootie Catcher!?


There are FIVE different versions to choose from!  Some of them have questions for the students to answer and some of them are interactive, where the kids get to write in their answers in order to play!  The directions on how to fold them are included of course! 😉   These are perfect to keep your students engaged and entertained while you’re collecting that beginning of the year data, fluency, etc.   You can grab the full product HERE!
Another back to school category:  Classroom Management!
The first 6 weeks of school, as we all know, can make us or break us!  We have to teach those procedures and expectations just right in order to create the classroom culture we want and need.  During this time, I do a lot of goal setting with my students.  Even with the procedures I think it makes it more motivation and meaningful for them.  So I created these little “Go for the Goal” books that the students keep in their desks for the first 6 weeks of school.  As we learn the procedures, the students create a personal goal for themselves and write it in their book.  Then they come up with 2-3 things they can do to meet this goal.
For example:  there’s a page in the book dedicated to Hallway Procedures.  As a student, I might write: “I can be quite in the hallway”  That would be a great goal!  Then to do this I might write:
1.  Not turn around in line
2.  Keep a bubble in my mouth at all times
3.  Ignore my friends when they are talking to me
This breaks down the procedures into actions that they understand.
THEN what I do is as I watch my class over the next 6 weeks, I give them feedback on all of the goals they have set.  I’ll randomly collect them at the end of the day and go through and write them messages on how they are doing.  Or I’ll give stickers randomly in their books.  They LOVE getting that personal feedback from them and its so motivating!!  I love using these procedure books!!  And no matter what your procedures are – you can use them! They are perfect for any grade 🙂


You can grab the full version of the product HERE!
Make sure to head over to my Facebook page to grab free versions of these products to see up close!  🙂  
So want more?  There’s LOTS more!  Check out the entire Summer Stock up by clicking on the photo below and checking out ALL of the categories there are!

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