Professional Teaching Books Every Teacher Should Read

Professional growth is important in any occupation.  Continuing to learn more and to do more helps us to stay at the top of our field.  This is true, especially in the teaching profession!  Many schools will provide professional development, however, the administration is the one most likely picking the topics.  What they choose might not be what YOU need to focus on.  So why wait for them to tell you what to do?  Take it into your own hands and find a professional teaching book that works!  Over my career, I have found 5 amazing books that have helped me learn and grow tremendously.  I’d love to share them with you!  Here are 5 professional teaching books every teacher should read!

professional teaching books

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Professional Teaching Book #1:  Word Nerds

professional teaching books Teaching vocabulary was always a difficult part of the week for me.  Our curriculum didn’t put an emphasis on vocabulary but I knew that needed to change.  I didn’t really know HOW to teach vocabulary so I researched and found the book Word Nerds.  Word Nerds is a wonderful book that teaches a broken down formula on how to teach vocabulary.  We learn how to teach words in context, use synonyms and antonyms, engaging students in vocabulary instruction, and assessing new words.

Word Nerds is super easy to read and implement into the classroom along with any curriculum that you might have.  You will walk away with a more solid understanding of why vocabulary is important for student achievement.


Professional Teaching Book #2:  Hacking School Discipline

Sometimes, it’s not teaching methods that need support.  Administration can only do so much when it comes to supporting student discipline.  After a few years of trying to figure things out on my own, I reached out and found the book Hacking School Discipline.  This book helps to break down how and why we need more of a basic classroom management plan to reach all of our students.

Hacking School Discipline focuses on reducing repeated behaviors, building better communication, figuring out the reasons behind negative behaviors, and establish empathy and reflection.  I love how the book doesn’t just give you a bandaid of solutions but instead helps you get to know your students, build better relationships, and solve problems at the root.


Professional Teaching Book #3:  Disrupting Thinking

professional teaching books When it comes to teaching elementary students, reading is always a top priority.  One of the things I noticed over the years was my students’ disengagement with texts when they read. I wanted to help get my students more excited about what they were reading, connect with the text, and deepen their comprehension.  I was so happy to find the book Disrupting Thinking to help with all of this!

This book is fantastic to help teachers understand HOW to get your students more engaged with the texts they are reading.  Students go from just reading the text to being active thinkers.  While reading, you’ll learn hands-on strategies, and build responsive readers, and how to develop life-long readers.  After reading this book, I understood how to get MORE out of my readers!


Professional Teaching Book #4:  High-Impact Instruction

This is probably one of the BEST professional teaching books I’ve ever read!  Jim Knight, the author, is known for his work with professional teaching booksinstructional coaches.  And I didn’t actually read this book until I was an instructional coach myself.  However, after reading it, I felt that everything inside was absolutely needed to hear by every classroom teacher!

High Impact Instruction, focuses on a variety of classroom essentials such as questioning, assessment, building classroom community, and more!  Every chapter has very specific information that is applicable right away in the classroom.  And there are so many amazing chapters, I couldn’t pick a favorite!  If you are a brand new teacher or a teacher who wants to take everything to the next level, I highly recommend this book!


Professional Teaching Book #5:  From Striving to Thriving

professional teaching books One thing every teacher needs to know how to do is to use data to inform their instruction.  The book From Striving to Thriving helps to break down this process and show teachers how to take everyday data and transform it into meaningful instruction in their classroom.

I absolutely LOVE the ready-to-go lessons and step-by-step action plans they give you to help implement what you’re learning right away.  After reading this book, I knew more about how to teach intentionally, use specific data points, and retarget students to personalize instruction!


Professional Teaching Book #6:  Strategies That Work

This book has been around for a while, so you might be familiar with it.  But I love that they update it with new research and lessons!  professional teaching booksStrategies That Work Vol. 3 is full of informative content and is presented in a three-part system.  Part one focuses on detailed comprehension strategies, part-two focuses on actual lessons to help put these strategies into practice, and part-three shows us how to integrate comprehension into other subject areas.




Hopefully, one of these books will be helpful to guide you to be the best teacher you can be!  I highly recommend each one of the books personally and believe in each of them!  If you want to save this post for later, please pin the image below!

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