5 Podcasts You Need To Be Listening To In 2024

A fresh, new year always brings a spark of possibility and positivity as I look forward to all the things I hope to accomplish in the year. And if you’re feeling anything like me, you are optimistic that 2024 is finally going to be a good year! I am so ready to make 2024 an amazing year! Are you with me?

If you’re looking to elevate your teaching and ignite a love of learning in your students in 2024, I have the perfect way to do that. I love a good teacher podcast and think they are a great way to get some professional development while we’re driving, cooking, or even working out. I have found some incredible podcasts for inspired teachers like you, and in this episode, I am giving you a glimpse into these podcasts, why I love them, and which episodes you should check out first!

As we head into the new year, be sure you are subscribed to The Literacy Lounge so you don’t miss any of the wonderful topics I have planned for this year, including the four-part test prep series I have coming in February! I can’t wait to make 2024 an amazing year!

Episode Highlights:

06:02 – Learn about all things literacy and writing on The Literacy Dive with Megan Polk

11:21 – Find research-based and teacher-approved strategies to make your teaching more efficient and effective with Heidi and Emily on the Teacher Approved podcast

15:34 Hear about ways to relieve the day-to-day stress on Wife Teacher Mommy: The Podcast with Kelsey Sorenson

20:34 – Learn how to beat the teacher burnout cycle on The Resilient Teacher Podcast with Brittany Blackwell

22:10 – Continue learning how to elevate your literacy instruction in 2024 with The Literacy Lounge

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