The Power of Read Alouds in the Classroom with Sara Soucy From The Colorful Apple

How amazing is it to witness a student’s eyes beam with excitement when they are completely captivated by a story? The great thing is, by harnessing the power of read alouds, we can get our students excited about reading while also building background knowledge, modeling fluent reading, and so much more!

Sara Soucy from The Colorful Apple joins us today to share all about read alouds and how beneficial they are for your students. By incorporating a daily read aloud into your classroom you can unlock a love of books, help students learn new things, and build engagement.

Inside this episode, Sara breaks down why read alouds are so important, how they help develop literacy skills in students, and what to consider when selecting a book for read aloud. Plus, she is sharing helpful tips for how to engage students who struggle to sit through a read aloud!

Episode Highlights:

07:11 Why read alouds are important 

10:45 The impact read alouds have on student learning and development

21:08 – Techniques to enhance literacy through a read alouds

26:04 – The importance of considering inclusivity and diversity when selecting books

32:51 – How to engage students who struggle to sit through a read aloud

Our Guest on This Episode:

Sara Soucy is a picture book enthusiast and curriculum designer with a special love for read alouds. Her focus is elementary reading, and she is passionate about helping teachers (like you!) utilize picture books in their everyday teaching. She believes in the power of using books to teach content across the curriculum. Sara uses her platform through The Colorful Apple to equip elementary teachers with the knowledge, resources, and confidence to inspire a generation of empowered readers.

You can check out The Colorful Apple website and check out her videos on YouTube to learn more!


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