Deciphering the 5 Pillars: An In-Depth Look at the Components of Literacy [The Fab 5 of Literacy Series]

Do you know the 5 components of literacy that all elementary teachers should be explicitly teaching every single day? These 5 literacy components are the building blocks that turn our students into lifelong, successful readers. 

Teaching the Fab 5 of literacy regardless of what grade you teach is so important to your students’ success. In this episode, I am breaking down the 5 components you should be explicitly teaching every day, what research says about each component, and how each piece is interconnected with the others.

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Episode Highlights:

03:19 What the 5 components of literacy are

03:55 What phonemic awareness is and why it’s important

06:43  The difference between phonemic awareness and phonics

08:51 – How fluency makes reading more enjoyable (and helps with comprehension!)

10:31 – The role vocabulary plays in understanding text

12:10 – Why comprehension is the end goal in literacy instruction

18:26 – Why it is necessary to teach all 5 literacy components

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