Unveiling 5 Unpopular Opinions About Teaching Reading

There are some common methods and practices for teaching reading that I don’t agree with. Now, I don’t say this to ruffle feathers but rather to challenge the status quo and make us think deeply about how we approach literacy education and how we can make the biggest impact on our students’ reading journeys.

We all want to provide the best reading instruction possible, but I believe that some of the current practices and beliefs take away from doing just that. In this episode, we are diving into 5 controversial opinions about teaching reading. I’m uncovering why I don’t use Lexile levels, how building stamina is unnecessary, why centers are overrated, how over-differentiating can do more harm than good, and why whole-group instruction is necessary.

I’d love to hear what you agree or disagree with or answer any questions you may have. Send me a DM on Instagram or email me at [email protected] to continue the conversation!

Episode Highlights:

02:58 – Why Lexile levels are pointless

06:34 – The difference between reading stamina and attention

10:23 – Why centers are overrated

12:45 – How differentiation can be damaging 

15:23 – The importance of whole group instruction

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