How to Help Students Who Hate Reading

We’ve all come across students who hate reading. These students, for whatever reason it may be, cannot see the power and joy that reading can bring. Thankfully, we are in a position to help these students see just how amazing reading can be. With the right steps and encouragement, we can transform these students into lifelong readers!

In this episode, I am sharing practical tips and strategies to encourage reluctant readers and motivate students who hate reading. I am breaking down the importance of building connections, making reading personal, finding books and genres that interest the student, and creating a fun experience for your students.

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Episode Highlights:

03:20 – The importance of building connections and making it personal for students

08:01 – How and why teachers need to be book-matching endlessly for their students

10:08 – Why we should be a focus on genre knowledge 

13:40 – What various formats are considered reading 

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