First Year Teacher Must Haves

Congrats on your first year teaching job!  I am sure in your preparation for your new role in the classroom, you have given some thought to the supplies you and your students will need. Think scissors, clipboards, glue sticks galore!  You can check out the classroom essentials post for everything I think every classroom teacher should need!  This collection of first-year teacher must-have items is geared towards YOU and building yourself a collection of goodies that will give you a pick-me-up,  keep you hydrated and healthy, and ground you so you can BE WELL and DO WELL for your students.

first year teacher

Food & Drink ☕️

  1. Cute and functional water bottle – This one is obvious.  Everyone needs to drink more water and you don’t need me to tell you why!  When you’re running out the door before sunrise, don’t forget that water bottle!  Keep up with the VSCO trend with a Hydro Flask!
  2. Almost as essential as water,  coffee is a must-have.  If you aren’t a coffee drinker yet, welcome to your first year of teaching and first year of brewing! Grab a pretty or funny mug to keep on your desk, and consider a personal coffee maker because sometimes the need for caffeine is not perfectly timed with your prep period. Wait…what’s a prep period? Just kidding ?)
  3. Snacks – always keep a stock of energy bars or other quick bites.  You spend a lot of time on your feet and guiding discussions and a quick pick-me-up is always in order!  I love these organic energy bars.
  4. Your go-to pain killer.  For me, it’s Excedrin Migraine.  There is nothing worse than facing a room full of eager students with a banging headache!  Always be prepared so you can nip pain in the bud and be your best!

Fabulous & Functional ✨

  1. Not only are we required to display our school I.D.s, but many of us also carry our keys on our lanyards.  Why not employ a third purpose (we’re always multi-tasking!) and choose a lanyard that also carries a pen.  I love all of Cath Kidston’s Cath Kidston’s pretty lanyards, and here is a link for a lanyard that also holds a pen so you can give your ear a break!
  2. A good tote bag is absolutely necessary.  Gone are the days of carrying stacks of papers to grade home in my arms – too much can go wrong.  Choose a color or print that you like because you will be carrying this accessory to and fro all year long!
  3. Go green!  Plants are proven to offer a variety of health benefits and they are so visually appealing!  Keep a small succulent on your desk or hang plants from the ceiling.  The more the merrier.  I love these low maintenance potted plants and I just ordered these air plants that can be hung or displayed in a variety of ways!
  4. Are you permitted to have a diffuser in your classroom?  If so, jump on the essential oil trend and purify the air in your classroom with Young Living diffuser. Breathe in, breathe out.

Welcome Home ?

  1. You will likely spend more time in your classroom than you do in your home during the school year.  Make your classroom inviting and welcoming both for you and your students.  What does every front door need?  No…not a Ring doorbell…but how cute would a door chime or bell wireless doorbell be on your classroom door?  Check out this super convincing blog for 9 reasons why you NEED this wireless doorbell.  Excuse me while I order 5 more!
  2. Polish off the front door ambiance with a welcome mat.  You can personalize your own rug or find a rug to fit almost EVERY classroom theme you can imagine.  Need I say more?
  3. What is a home without family photos?  I’m talking about photos of your personal family AND photos of your school family.  Decorate your classroom home with photos that will make you instantly happy, and make those kiddos feel welcomed in their school home.  Even better, include photos of you and your teacher friends having fun together!
  4. Complete the decor with curtains like this cute farmhouse print, or any other print that complements your theme.  You can utilize curtains on your windows, under counter spaces, and anywhere that needs a little flair.  I was fortunate enough to have a parent sew me custom curtains my first year of teaching, but check out classroom curtain inspiration on Etsy to find a print that enhances your classroom theme.

I hope you found some great new items to add to your must-have list!  Even if you don’t need to buy them, these items are great to have in your first-year classroom (and every year after) to help make your space perfect for you!  Make sure to pin the image below if you want to save this post!

first year teacher



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