Making Inferences: Everything You Need to Know

Teaching making inferences is sometimes one of the most difficult skills for students to understand and even for teachers to explain.  I have gathered all of my best blog posts on making inferences and put them into one spot for you!  Everything you need to help teach making inferences is below.  Let’s go!

Making Inferences

Making Inferences Tip & Tricks!

making inferences The place to start is by making sure you understand the best approaches when teaching inferencing.  In this post, you’ll find my best tips and strategies on how to approach and break down this important skill. My best tips are outlined and broken down so there’s no grey area to get confused on.  I also provide a week overview of how I would teach this skill to my class!  It’s one of my most popular posts so come take a read!

Making Inference Mini-Lessons!

After you read about understanding making inferences and what you need to know to teach it, let’s focus on how you will teach it!  In this post, you’ll find making inferences5  awesome mini-lesson ideas for teaching making inferences.  Each mini-lesson takes a unique approach on how to focus and teach the skill.   Oh, and did I mention that I also provide a FREE printable too?  Come read all about these amazing mini-lessons!

Making Inference Mentor Texts!

making inferences Finally, you can’t teach making inferences without the proper mentor texts.  But which ones?  In this post, I lay out my favorite mentor texts to use for teaching this important skill. With each book, I provide a quick outline of the storyline so you can make sure your students will love reading it before you grab it!  I also provide a printable question page with focus inferential questions for each book!

Definitely head over to read this post next!





So what else do you need?  We’ve talked about tips and tricks, mini-lesson ideas, and even mentor texts to use!  You’re all set!  Now head off and ROCK those lessons!

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