Sneak Peek into the Picture Perfect Literacy Series

Do you feel like new terms, trends, and programs are constantly being introduced to teachers? I know I do! Companies and organizations are always creating something new for schools to buy. While the intention is always to help students learn, it is hard to spend time perfecting programs when they constantly change. Thankfully, the Science of Reading is here to stay! So, let’s have a sneak peek into the Picture Perfect Literacy Series to help transform reading instruction. 

Picture Perfect Literacy Series

The Why of The Science of Reading 

The Science of Reading tells us that our focus should be on The Reader, The Text, and The Task. So, it looks at the student, the reading material, and the work to do. When focusing on these skills, students can be the very best readers and thinkers they can be! 

Best of all, the sneak peek into the Picture Perfect Literacy Series supports ALL readers. This is regardless of reading level. So, all students will engage in rich texts and build schema, vocabulary, sentence comprehension, written responses, and comprehension. 

Picture Perfect Literacy Components

Teacher Guide: Every lesson in the Picture Perfect literacy series includes detailed, step-by-step lesson guides for the teacher. Since the Science of Reading is new, this guide will provide essential information.

Building a Foundation: There is a schema-focused lesson and student activity to activate prior knowledge. It is crucial to do this because it helps prepare students for learning. It also allows the teacher to quickly assess what students may already know about a text or topic. If students do not understand the text or topic, they will quickly feel lost in the reading. So, activating background knowledge cannot be skipped. 

Vocabulary: Once students are ready to begin reading, there is a vocabulary lesson and student activity based on research based approaches. This includes shades of meaning, semantic maps, Frayer models, and more! 

Sentence Comprehension: With every lesson, students will break down 2 sentences found in the text that could confuse the reader. This may include figurative language, compound sentences, or ones with a complex structure. Learning these skills now will be valuable as students explore complex texts as they get older. 

Writing: It is so important to practice writing consistently! So, there are 2 differentiated writing prompts with rubrics. They all relate to the text and the student task. 

Learning Supports: There are anchor charts, think aloud bookmarks, and sticky note questions to support the learning of every student. Additionally, there are specific ideas for scaffolds and extensions to reach all learners. 

Implementing the Picture Perfect Literacy 

The activities are all perfect to set at your own pace. This may be completing a few a day or spreading them out over a week. Additionally, they are great for the whole group or small group, depending on the needs of your students. You can complete the schema, vocabulary, and sentence comprehensive activities within 15 minutes and the main comprehension and writing activities within 30 minutes. 

Picture Perfect Literary Packs 

Now that you’ve had a sneak peek into the Picture Perfect Literacy Series, I’m sure you want to dig in! Luckily, there are many resources available for 2nd-4th graders. For example, The Book of Gold, The Day You Begin, and For the Right to Learn have everything you need! 

The Science of Reading has significantly transformed instruction in the classroom. Thankfully, this sneak peek into the Picture Perfect Literacy Series provides guidance and examples. With some practice and support, students will soar as readers in your classroom! 

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Picture Perfect Literacy Series



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