Tips for Teaching Asking Questions

Do you ever wish students participated more in class? I’m sure you do! Participation is a fantastic way to ensure students know the material. However, it is essential to remember that students may not know how to formulate thoughts into questions. Thankfully, these tips for teaching asking questions will transform how students participate in class! 

The Importance of Asking Questions

Students need to see the value in asking questions. Many will not naturally grasp why we ask them or how asking helps us as readers. So, if we want to implement these tips, students must understand the importance. 

Students need to see how we ask questions when we are curious and want to make predictions. Additionally, asking questions helps focus learning on specific aspects. Ultimately, it is crucial for students to know that asking questions allows us to understand more and find more information. 

Let’s now explore tips for teaching asking questions, and how students can practice this vital skill. 

Explicitly Teach Types of Questions 

If we want students to ask questions, they need to know their purpose. So, they need to learn that questions clarify information. Whenever students are confused, they can ask questions surrounding the confusion to explain. Additionally, asking questions extends learning. Students can push their thinking and knowledge further by asking questions beyond what they’ve learned. Furthermore, asking questions reveals information. If students are confused or intrigued, questions are an excellent tool! 

asking questions


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Teach What Makes a Strong Question 

When learning the importance of asking questions, students need to know how to form one. So, help them focus on what makes a strong question. Have students practice evaluating questions and ranking them based on their quality. After, discuss the qualities of strong versus weak questions. As an added challenge, practice turning weak questions into strong questions. This is an amazing way to show students how to think about their questions before asking them. 

Asking Questions

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Turn Asking Questions into a Habit 

Asking questions will be essential throughout life. So, you want to make this become part of a normal routine for students. A great way to do this is by always asking questions before, during, and after reading. When students see questions commonly asked, they will not be afraid or hesitate to ask them. 

While some students will quickly understand how to ask questions, others need more help building the habit. Be sure to explore the Asking Questions Interventions. This is a great way to reinforce learning! 

Reading Comprehension Worksheets

This is an essential part of learning. Thankfully, these tips ensure all students gain the confidence and courage to do so! 

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