Benefits of Being a Building Comprehension (BC) Hub Member

Do you ever get frustrated with all of the time, energy, and even MONEY that you spend to find the right resource or the right PD to attend? With so much to do, this often feels like wasted time. If you had the opportunity to have all of these materials every month, would you take it? I know I would! Well, this is now possible with the BC Hub Membership!

This fantastic membership allows you to receive resources, professional development, and even 1:1 reading coach support when you and your students need them. They are standard-based activities and resources that students will absolutely love. Best of all, they are 100% low prep! Do you think this is too good to be true? I get it! Thankfully, all of this is possible. So, let’s dive into the top benefits of being a Building Comprehension (BC) hub member. This will be one of the easiest decisions to take back your nights and weekends. 

Building Comprehension (BC) Club Member

The Struggles of an Elementary Reading Teacher

Being an elementary reading teacher can be both rewarding and challenging. It requires dedication, creativity, and a whole lot of patience! While it is amazing to see students understand new material and be excited to enter the classroom each day, to-do lists are never-ending. This is why sticking together is so helpful! We need time to collaborate, share, and honestly- vent!

So, if you’ve felt stressed from not knowing which resources to pick and exhausted from teaching and reteaching, becoming a BC Hub Member is for you! Additionally, if you’ve felt frustrated about the lack of high-quality professional development, you’re in the right spot! Being a BC Hub Member will bring so much joy, excitement, peace, and learning to your classroom.

The Building Comprehension Hub: Your Solution

Teachers need so much support to truly help their students reach their reading potential! This may help in effective teaching strategies, perfecting lesson plans, or finding the right tweak to perfect your instruction. Honestly, there is so much to focus on! Thankfully, the Building Comprehension Hub is ready to address these challenges for you.

Best of all, you will receive ongoing training and support, effective and rigorous materials, and so much more! Get ready to take back your time, energy, and sanity as a BC Hub Member.

What You Gain with The Building Comprehension Hub

As a BC Hub Member, you receive unlimited access to incredible resources and support. This includes an extensive collection of high-performing tier one and tier two resources created for grades 2-4. These resources cover a wide range of reading skills and strategies, ensuring you always have the right materials at your fingertips. New resources even drop every month!

On top of this, you receive access to exclusive and incomparable professional development. So, say goodbye to sitting at conferences that do not relate to what you are teaching. Instead, the Hub offers exclusive, actionable, and meaningful PD and resources that are tailored to your needs. Similar to the tier one and tier two resources, new videos are added every month to keep you informed and inspired. There is even comprehensive support from fellow educators through office hours and an online community. You will never feel alone on your teaching journey.

Building Comprehension

Join the Building Comprehension Hub Today!

Inside The Building Comprehension Hub

Within The Building Comprehension Hub, you’ll discover a wealth of resources and opportunities to enrich your teaching experience. For instance, there are differentiated comprehension units that are perfect for grades 2-4. These resources are regularly updated, ensuring your teaching remains dynamic and engaging. There are even lesson plans, assessments, anchor charts, games, crafts, and interactive read-alouds.

Honestly, there are so many amazing resources and freebies for being a Hub member! Additionally, you receive monthly professional development that you can easily access at home. Yes, this means you can watch in the comfort of your pajamas! Best of all, these videos address topics directly impacting your teaching, helping you continuously improve your skills and strategies. There is even a course on best practices to help ensure students show growth and build confidence in your classroom.

Since it can feel overwhelming to take in so much new information, you will always have access to a community. This includes like-minded educators to assist and encourage you on your teaching journey. Additionally, a BC Hub Gazette will help you stay informed and up-to-date with a monthly newsletter. Since teaching strategies are always changing, this invaluable resource ensures you are on top of exciting developments and ideas.

Ready When You Need 

After looking at the benefits of being a Building Comprehension (BC) Hub member, I’m sure it is easy to see the positive impacts. This includes not only for your students but for your personal life. On top of this stress relief, you also have the peace of mind of knowing the materials are there when you need them.

These benefits of being a Building Comprehension (BC) Hub member will help transform your classroom! Students will love learning, and it will feel nice not to plan everything from scratch. 

Building Comprehension (BC) Club Member


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