Reading Fluency Uncovered [The Fab 5 of Literacy Series]

Have you witnessed the transformation when a student turns from a hesitant or reluctant reader into a confident reader? It is truly an amazing thing to watch unfold before your eyes! The key to this transformation is the third component of literacy: Fluency!

As teachers, we know that fluency is essential to being a successful reader. But what does fluency actually entail? In this episode, I am diving into what fluency is, the importance of fluency and its impact on comprehension, and strategies to help enhance fluency for your students.

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Episode Highlights:

02:43 What fluency is

04:21 3 reasons fluency is important for readers

07:27  How fluency impacts comprehension

11:04 – A breakdown of the 4 components of fluency

15:47 – Strategies you can use to support students in improving their fluency

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