Mastering Vocabulary: A Key to Elementary Literacy [The Fab 5 of Literacy Series]

We know that teaching vocabulary is crucial for students to comprehend texts, but the importance of expanding students’ vocabulary goes far beyond understanding what they are reading in the classroom. Vocabulary in elementary education not only impacts comprehension but also how students engage with and understand the world.

Explicitly teaching vocabulary is incredibly beneficial and effective in expanding students’ vocabulary. In this episode, I am breaking down what vocabulary is, the importance of explicitly teaching vocabulary, the research behind vocabulary instruction, and strategies you can implement to improve student vocabulary.

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Episode Highlights:

04:36 What vocabulary is

09:58 Why explicit vocabulary instruction is crucial and strategies for explicit instruction

15:04 – The difference in explicit and incidental vocabulary teaching

22:33 – How vocabulary and comprehension are connected

31:05 – 5 ways you can help improve your students’ vocabulary

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