Navigating the Depths of Reading Comprehension [The Fab 5 of Literacy Series]

What exactly is comprehension in the context of reading? We know that comprehension is the core of literacy. And as teachers, understanding that comprehension is what connects phonemic awareness, phonics, vocab, and fluency together is crucial for effective literacy instruction.

When it comes to improving your students’ reading comprehension, even making small changes in your instructional approach can lead to significant improvements. In this episode, we are exploring what comprehension is, challenges in teaching comprehension, what the research says, and strategies you can implement in your classroom to help improve your student’s comprehension.

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Episode Highlights:

05:38 What comprehension really is 

09:58 How comprehension is connected to all other literacy components

14:14  What challenges teachers face when teaching comprehension

18:41 – The difference between comprehension in early elementary and upper elementary

22:42 – What research says about comprehension and comprehension instruction

28:16 – Strategies you can implement in your classroom to help improve your student’s comprehension

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