Emotional Intelligence and Reading Success: A Counselor’s Perspective with Sara Cottrill-Carlo

Have you ever had a student who regularly seemed stressed or anxious and was also struggling with academics? There is a strong connection between social-emotional well-being and academic success that is often overlooked. This is a huge reason that there is a strong push for social-emotional learning in schools right now.

Professional school counselor Sara Cottrill-Carlo is joining us to share some insight into the importance of social-emotional well-being for students. Implementing some quick strategies that support social-emotional regulation can make a big impact on students’ social-emotional well-being and help them be ready to learn.

In this episode, Sara dives into the importance of social-emotional learning and its impact on reading success. She shares how peer relationships play a role in social-emotional well-being, how dysregulation affects reading comprehension, and quick strategies you can implement in your classroom to help your students improve their social-emotional well-being.

Episode Highlights:

04:31 – What social-emotional well-being actually means

06:16 – The correlation between social-emotional well-being and how students learn

11:23  How dysregulation impacts a student’s ability to read and comprehend text

17:47 – Two aspects of social-emotional well-being that impact students’ reading comprehension

22:19 – How to identify if a student’s reading struggles stem from purely academic concerns or social-emotional concerns

31:22 – Quick strategies you can implement in your classroom to help your students with their social-emotional well-being

Our Guest on This Episode:

Sara Cottrill-Carlo is a professional school counselor with over a decade of school counseling experience. After serving in a public school district, she shifted her focus to serving other school counselors by creating research-based resources and promoting best practices through professional development trainings. Each year, she reaches thousands of educators and counselors across the world through her website, social media channels, trainings, and counseling resources.

You can check out Sara’s website,, and follow her on Instagram @theresponsivecounselor and Facebook @theresponsivecounselor.

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