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Are you tapped out of ideas on how to teach setting to your students? Make it fun, easy, and interactive with this WEEK long set of activities!

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Are you tapped out of ideas on how to teach setting to your students? Make it fun, easy, and interactive with this WEEK long set of activities, print and digital included! This resource includes 5 days worth of lesson plans and activities, graphic organizer, craftivity, centers & more! Take a look at the preview for more details!

Lesson 1: Students are becoming exposed to setting by reading a short text and matching a ‘scene’ that best fits the story. Students begin to understand that text evidence is key to inferring the setting. Students then complete a matching activity with more short stories and scene images.

Lesson 2: Students analyze a text and determine which images would be used in the setting of the story. A whole group mini lesson where students circle objects that relate to the setting is followed by a cross media activity where students are provided an option of 5 different stories where they read and then choose images from a page provided to cut out and glue onto construction paper. They then get to add in their own details with crayons to the scene!

Lesson 3: Let’s go on a field trip – a virtual field trip that is! Students get the chance to watch many exciting videos and create lists of text evidence words that they would see IF the video would have been a book. They then use those words to create a short story/paragraph themselves with the same setting.

Lesson 4: Students get to be up and around the room in this fun hands on activity. Students are put into groups and given a scene. Short stories are hanging around the room and students must explore and read to find the story that matches their setting. Once found, students must continue the journey and find matching text evidence words that are on the floor around the classroom.

Lesson 5: In the final apply lesson, students get the chance to become an illustrator and combine their knowledge of setting with their creation skills. 5 different mini books are provided and students get to illustrate the books themselves!

All activity are more hands on than normal ‘worksheets’. Direction pages and real photographs are also included! A graphic organizer, bookmark, anchor chart, craftivity, & center are all also included!

This resource is a part of a large Building Comprehension Bundle! You can grab this largely discounted bundle with this resource and 16 other comprehension skills & strategies HERE for over 20% off!

Units included in the bundle are:

  • Summarizing
  • Character
  • Setting (This one)
  • Plot
  • Problem & Solution
  • Theme
  • Making Inferences
  • Sequencing
  • Main Idea
  • Cause and Effect
  • Genres
  • Point of View
  • Text Structures
  • Text Features
  • Compare & Contrast
  • Fact and Opinion
  • Author’s Purpose

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