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Text Structure of nonfiction is a difficult skill for students to understand. Let’s help them by seeing different text structures side by side to analyze and understand, oh and use crayons too!

The best way I’ve found to teach nonfiction text structures involvesĀ two things:

  • 1 – Giving the students texts about the same topic but different structures side by side so they can see the difference in how the author organized the information
  • 2. Having the students prove their choice of structure by using the information in a graphic organizer.

This product does BOTH and throws in some crayon action as well šŸ™‚

There are 4 pages of topics in this activity pack: dolphins, baseball, insects, and weather. Each page has 5 short passages about the topic using one of the text structures: cause/effect, sequence, compare/contrast, descriptive, and problem/solution. Students choice the structure and prove it by identifying evidence in the text with a specific color of crayon. They take it a step further with choosing one passage and filling in a G.O with the information from the text.

This activity pack also includes 5 passages allowing students the opportunity to understand how knowing the structure helps with their comprehension. The three passages are paired with a graphic organizer and 4 comprehension questions.

There is even an assessment included!!

These activities are perfect for small groups, centers, or whole group instruction. The graphic organizers are provided as well! Download the preview to get a better look at the activity. I hope you like it!


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