Last Few Weeks in Photos

Only 1 week left, only 1 week left, only 1 week left….  Oh – sorry – I’m just chanting this to myself to help me get through.  Didn’t realize I was typing it as well 😉  Haha!  So I’ve come to the conclusion that I have the upmost respect (more than before) for working mothers, and even more so – teachers.  These last few months with trying to juggle the twins, blogging, TPT, Facebook, oh – and SCHOOL have been crazy!!  I don’t know how some of you do it!  I’m looking forward to the summer to get caught up on some TPT items and my mile long to do list to get ready for the next year.  Oh my…

I just wanted to share some of the activities we’ve done in the last few weeks that I graciously managed to get pictures taken of.  I HATE forgetting my camera or forgetting to USE my camera.  We do so many fun things that I want to share – but its more interesting with photos to go with them!  So here’s a little of what we’ve been up to!

I was in need of a simple Cause/Effect self check center, so I wrote out matching causes and their effects on sentence strips.  I made the top of an anchor chart and laid it on the ground.  On the back was written the answers.  The students loved it and it was a good quick review. 🙂


Ok – Very excited about this one!  I purchased a chip and dip tray from the dollar tree and turned it into a vocabulary center.  In each section of the chip section is an activity.  Each of them are numbered.  The students rolls a dice in the middle and complete the activity that matches what they rolled.  They then write their answer on the recording sheet.  You can grab a free copy of the recording sheet HERE.  They LOVE this center 🙂




We finished our How To Make Lemonade Writing unit last week.  They turned out adorable!  The students loved making their own homemade lemonade – such a motivator.  Then they wanted the recipe SO much that they did such a great job on their writing!!  Here’s how the final product turned out 🙂   You can grab a copy from TPT for only $2.00 HERE!


And finally, this week was a short week.  No school last Monday and field day was Friday.  I hate those random 3 day weeks because they’re harder to plan than the normal weeks.  So to help I decided to dig out my old Chocolate Unit!  It’s based around the trade book of Chocolatina.  You can check out the book HERE.    The pictures are of the chocolate sink and float activity that’s included in the unit.  They very much enjoyed it 🙂  The chocolate unit can also be found on TPT HERE!




That’s all for now!!  I hope you have a great end of the year.  I can’t wait to get started planning the next one. Tis the life of a teacher 🙂

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